At a June 7, 2019 MCHS luncheon in Kitchener, we met Tony who graduated in 1972, and Gail who was meeting Lynn for the first time in fifty-five years! Most recent luncheon was in Woodstock

Kelly of Ville St-Laurent seeks to learn about history of house still standing on Boul Cote Vertu, at the corner of Begin Street behind the Vitre Lebeau

Bob Carswell has shared a comment and photos (about Garland Station and Second World War) at a previous post seeking details about MCHS grad Peter Parsons

Contact details for celebrated (also intelligent, good looking, and witty) retired Concordia history professor, Graeme Decarie

Gail Howell-de Vries has shared early 1960s photos from Malcolm Campbell High School in Montreal

Recent comments at Preserved Stories website bring to mind memories of Canadian musician Marty Butler, and of Marlborough Golf Club

I strongly support the idea of large-scale high school reunions; I would suggest you set up an organizing committee at once