We owe many thanks to Alain Chaput, who has shared a scorecard from the Marlborough Golf Club, which Darryl Wade had been looking to find

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Updates: On Jan. 23, 2024, Klaas Vander Baaren mentioned by email that it wasn’t just Montreal Canadiens players who played golf at Marlborough; in an email (which Klaas has given me permission to post) he wrote:

It wasn’t only the Canadians hockey players who played at Marlborough G&CC. I caddied for Milt Schmidt, coach of the Boston Bruins, among others. The club welcomed all NHL folks and most of them used caddies.

This is really interesting to know. Such details about the course are of tremendous value.

As a result of writing about Saraguay at this website, I now have a much better understanding of the central role which the British empire played during a previous era in the history of Montreal


In a May 22, 2019 blog post about the Marlborough Golf Club, Darryl Wade shared the following message:

I grew up in Ville St. Laurent on Somerset Road. Our house backed on to the Marlborough Golf Course. My father was a member until 1965 when the course closed to make way for a housing development. My brothers were junior members and club caddies.

I’m looking to find a scorecard for the course. Or a re-creation of the scorecard capturing the yardages etc

Image source: Alain Chaput. Click on image to enlarge it.

I was very pleased to read the comment of Jan. 5, 2024 from Alain Chaput at the end of the above-noted post, who indicated he had a scorecard for the Marlborough Golf and Country Club.

He added that “When the land was sold, Marlborough changed name and went under Cartierville G&CC for 2 years (until 1967) before closing permanently.”

Image source: Alain Chaput. Click on image to enlarge it.

I have uploaded two images of the scorecard as well as a highly informative aerial photo of the golf course which Alain has shared. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to post these images. We owe you many thanks, Alain!

Click on the images to enlarge them

Photo source: Alain Chaput. Click on photo to enlarge it.

Alain has acquired extensive and highly valuable knowledge about the history of golf courses in Quebec which have closed. He has also mentioned: “I’ll keep in touch if I find anything new (or old 😊).”

Comments from Bruce Miller regarding aerial photo of Marlborough Golf Club

Bruce Miller, who has also shared great comments at the above-noted blog post about Marlborough, has given me permission to post the following email comments after I had sent him the above-noted three images as attached email files. Bruce writes (I have used a pseudonym for one of  the golfers to ensure anonymity):

I was able to download and expand each pic. The land schematic must have been taken by plane, as drones were not yet invented. The schematic bears no resemblance to the Course that I recall. There are 18 holes. Marlborough had 27. It looks like the entire property has been modified to create a new 18 hole layout. Also the score card looks more like the old 18 hole layout. There are many more homes around the perimeter than I remember. There was a winding road from Gouin Blvd, up to the Club House, grass fields from the # 12 green all the way up the 13th fairway and a Caddy shack on the 10th fairway near the 1st hole. Bear in mind, that my recollection goes back around 75 years.

I downloaded the score card, printed it with photo quality paper, and it looks great. I distinctly remember # 3. It was a long par 3 with traps in front of the green. There was a narrow strip of grass in between the traps leading to the green. My Dad frequently hit a drive up the narrow pathway onto the green.

#8 was a short par 3, and there was a pond directly in front of the green. I recall one time, caddying for my Dad, and he was playing in a 4-some which included a gentleman by the name of [Archibald Lester]. Mr [Lester] always had a dour attitude and never smiled. When he hit a bad shot he would curse loudly.

On the 8th hole, Mr [Lester] hit a shot into the pond. He proceeded to hit 2 more balls into the pond. He then picked up his golf bag, walked down to the pond, tossed it into the water and walked off the course.

It never ceases to amaze me that I somehow found your web site, and that folks continue to weigh in.

This photo, notes Klaas, Second one shows a caddy playing early. Caddies were allowed to play the women’s course at times. Walking from ladies 5th green to ladies 6th tee. The left side of the 6th fairway are the train tracks.

Klaas Vander Baaren notes that this photo from a previous post “shows a caddy playing early. Caddies were allowed to play the women’s course at times. Walking from ladies 5th green to ladies 6th tee. The left side of the 6th fairway are the train tracks.” Photo source: Klaas Vander Baaren. Click on photo to enlarge it.

A note regarding the 18 holes (for men) and 9 holes (for women)

In research for a post about the course which I’m working on, I’ve learned Golf Course architect Stanley Thompson (1893-1953) designed the Marlborough Golf and Country Club.

The website of the Stanley Thompson Society describes Stanley Thompson’s connection as follows: “Designed by Stanley Thompson in 1923 as an 18 hole championship course and a 9 hole ‘ladies and beginners’ course, the course opened in 1924. The course no longer exists.”

I’ve also come across Canadian Golfer magazine, which includes some references to the course:

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Additional aerial photos

If anyone is able to find additional aerial photos of the course from an earlier era such as the 1950s, please let me know. I have in years past posted several widely viewed aerial photos of Long Branch in Toronto where we used to live but am not familiar with how to locate such aerial photos for Cartierville.

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  1. Klaas Vander Baaren
    Klaas Vander Baaren says:

    I recognize where our duplex on Barnes, and the Wade house on Somerset. It was an easy course to caddy 2 rounds a day. Lots of memories

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      I’m really pleased to learn details about the photo – from you, Klaas, and also from Bruce Miller. We owe thanks as well to Darryl Wade for letting us know he was keen to find a scorecard. I’ve been recently reading again the comments about memories of Marlborough that people have posted over the years. Really interesting experience – to picture all the great things that were happening.


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