Dear Fred: Alfred Ramcharan and the External Aid Office: Research paper by Ken Kingsbury

Dave Foss, who attended Cartierville School in the 1960s, sends greetings from South Texas to fellow students from the school

Next MCHS 1960s get together, at Mandarin restaurant in Toronto, is on Friday, March 22, 2019; a get together in Kitchener in April is in planning stages

Tim Hewlings has shared photos of our grade 6 class from Laurentide School and our grade 7 class from Morison

Tim Hewlings has been reading some of our posts about years gone by and has added one of his own, by way of a recent comment. He adds: “Nice story about Joelle [King]. Both Ron Dykhof and Fred Laflamme had written me about her passing. Made me think of couple of photos Allen Jones dug […]

Tim Hewlings and Bert Eccles continue discussion about Chez ‘Hade’ in Cartierville; as well Don MacKenzie adds to comments about Morison School

Joëlle King (MCHS 1963) has passed away in Ormond Beach, Florida on Feb. 23, 2019

Nikki King has recently let me know that her sister, Joëlle King, passed away in Ormond Beach, Florida on Feb. 23, 2019 at 4:20 am at the age of 71. She was in MCHS 1962-63 Miss McCormick’s class XIA. I remember Joëlle King from the years that I was at Malcolm Campbell High School. Nikki […]

Chez ‘Hade’ was a wonderful bike shop on Lower Ranger St. & Gouin in 1950s Cartierville

A previous post is entitled: Ian Roach has added a comment about Cartierville School in Montreal At that post, Dawn Corbett has commented as follows; I’m posting her comment at the current post by way of bringing attention to the discussion. Dawn Corbett writes: Hello Jaan, I grew up in Cartierville on Nelligan, then Cousineau […]

Graeme Decarie has a question about 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Can you answer his question?

Click here for previous posts about Graeme Decarie > On Feb. 25, 2019 Graeme Decarie (who was teaching at MCHS that year) wrote regarding the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis: I’ve just been watching a very long series on the Cuban Revolution. There was a point – I think it was about 1962 – that […]

Photo from Ulrich Laska (MCHS 1963) of Walter Rhead, Kathleen Dawson, and Ulrich Laska at their second annual reunion in Mexico

I’m very pleased to share with you this recent photo from Ulrich Laska (MCHS 1963). “It’s amazing,” Ulrich remarks in a Dec. 30, 2018 email, “how your preserved memories have slowly rebuilt what was a long lost web of connections. Thank you so very much for doing this.” He adds: “Walter Rhead and Kathy Dawson […]