Adding to our stories about Cartierville School: we have an Honour Card from 1924

I am really pleased that over the years many people have added information to our previous posts about Cartierville School, which I attended as a Grade 4 student in the 1950s.

A site visitor named Melissa has written to me by email (May 11, 2023):

My name is Melissa and I’ve been trying to find out if my nana/grandmother went to an english or French elementary school in Quebec.  While searching, I found this honor card my great grandmother received from Cartierville School in 1924.

The following subsequent messages are also from May 11, 2023; Jaan wrote:

That is wonderful! I will add it to my Preserved Stories site. This is very valuable.

Melissa wrote:

Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I think I read that the school opened in 1920 and if that is true then the school would have been 2 years old and now that document is 99 years old. It’s very special.

Thank you again.

Jaan wrote:

Very special for sure. It’s a beautiful story. I will post it in a day or two. It is wonderful that this honour card has been saved. I attended the school three decades later.

Cartierville School, Honour Card, 1924. Source: Melissa

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New comment regarding Cartierville School in Montreal

Ian Roach shares two great photos of his 1959-60 Grade 7 class at Cartierville School

Cartierville School, May 2015. Scott Munro photo

Cartierville School, May 2015. Scott Munro photo


Ian Roach’s Grade 7 class, 1959-1960, Cartierville School. Back Row: Stephen Phillips, George Glasser, Bob White, Graham Webb, Henry Godin, Rickey Kake, Wolfgang Jehle, Douglas Arsenault, Brinley Owen, Donald Speller, Tommy Baxter, Ian Roach, Stewart Smith. Middle Row: Leslie Giles, Ruth MacLeod, Brenda Farnsworth, Lynn Kingdon, Arje Uotila, Judy Wood, Betty Shaw, Linda Kerr, Lena Lawrence, Linda Sanders, Rosalind Morris, Teacher Mrs. Mary Jackson. Front Row: Arlene Milburn, Suzette Milburn, Simone Lowe, Karen Boyle, Sheila Brodie, Ingrid Karbin, Karin Karbin, Marilyn Chapman, Susan L’Africain, Louisa Mathias, Lesley Wade. [Missing from photo: Ian Strachan.] Source: Ian Roach

1960 Grade 7 Graduation Party Picture. Source: Ian Roach

1960 Grade 7 Graduation Party Picture. Source: Ian Roach

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  1. Klaas Vander Baaren
    Klaas Vander Baaren says:

    So many familiar names and faces. By this time I was in Morison School. Many of us met up again in MCHS during the next four years.


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