What site visitors have taught me about the Preserved Stories website

The postwar baby boom era was, in retrospect, a time-limited version of the good life; End Times (2023) highlights economic features of the 1960s

The city of Berlin, Ontario was renamed Kitchener in 1916; in 2020 the debate about changing the name once again was being revisited

Update at Quebec government website regarding Phase I of major rehabilitation work at Ahuntsic School in Montreal

In the 1960s, students from Ahuntsic School visited The Montreal Star and The Gazette; The Montreal Star folded in 1979; other newspapers across North America have folded more recently

Ahuntsic School opened as a Protestant School Commission elementary school in 1922; it was built the previous year

What are the prospects for keeping democracy alive in Canada? Another great topic – Aug. 29, 2023 MCHS picnic in Toronto

Former students have shared some great new comments regarding 1950s and 1960s-era Cartierville and Elmgrove Schools in Montreal