This is a scam to get in your house to hard sell you on a new system

The following message is from a Long Branch resident: Beware. There are some very “pushy sales people” in the area who are insisting on an “authorized inspection” of heating and air conditioning systems. This is a scam to get in your house to hard sell you on a new system. Police attended at the bottom […]

The next meeting of the MCHS Sixties Reunion organizing committee will take place in September 2014

In a previous post regarding the June 16, 2014 meeting in Kitchener of the organizing committee, we have discussed a number of topics related to the format for the Oct. 17, 2015 (that is, next year) Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion. Our next organizing committee meeting will be held in September 2014. In the […]

I have observed and photographed many roofs

Every one in a while I borrow a library copy of a Pattern Language (1977) by Christopher Alexander. Pattern 117 is described as the “Sheltering Roof” On p. 570 of my copy of the book, two photographs are laid out side by side. The caption reads: “One roof lived in, the other stuck on.” According […]

Re-thinking the role of the regional oral history organization (July 25, 2014 Oxford University Press blog post)

The following text, from a July 25, 2014 post at an Oxford University Press website, is from a blog post entitled “Re-thinking the role of the regional oral history organization”: ‘You can access the full text, with accompanying links, here.]   By Jason Steinhauer What is the role of a regional oral history organization? The […]

What do you do to save the trees in Long Branch (Toronto) and elsewhere? Here’s what to do.

Trees are a topic that strongly interests me. My father, who was born in 1915, was a forester in Estonia. Before we arrived in Halifax in 1951, my father followed this line of work in Sweden for some years. Before that, our extended family had escaped as wartime refugees to Sweden from Estonia in 1944 […]

Disputed tree belongs to neighbours on both sides of property line, Appeal Court rules – Dec 10, 2013

The following message is from the Lakeshore Planning Council: You may wish to print out these articles and put them in your files for reference in cases of disputes concerning cutting down trees in our communities. The first article provides the Appeal Court Ruling and the second (earlier) article by Mark Cullen gives additional background information and the original […]

You have until Aug. 15, 2014 to offer online input regarding the State of Heritage in Toronto

I attended the Heritage Consultation meeting that was held at 450 Broadview Ave. on July 22, 2014. I was very impressed with the meeting, which was well organized and covered a specified list of questions within the time frame allotted to the task. I learned many new things of interest, and had the opportunity to […]

Inspiration Lakeview – Master Plan – Share your thoughts

Background regarding Inspiration Lakeview, from the Preserved Stories website, can be found here.  You can also find information about Inspiration Lakeview by clicking on links at this post. Still another way to find background is by accessing the Mississauga category at the Preserved Stories website. The work that’s being done in Lakeview with regard to […]

We are compiling MCHS Sixties class lists and yearbook photos

To assist with the networking and database development process related to the MCHS Sixties Reunion, Scott Munro is currently creating class lists for the 1962-63 year. Our internet is to have class lists prepared, and posted, for the entire MCHS Sixties group of classes. In the event that people went through the high school system […]

How would you like Wesley Mimico Place’s new community space to look? July 23, 2014 workshop

  You can find more information about Wesley Mimico Place here. Background about Wesley Mimico United Church can be found here. The following message is from Wesley Mimico Place:   The Workshop How would you like Wesley Mimico Place’s new community space to look? This is the central question that will be addressed  this Wednesday, […]