You have until Aug. 15, 2014 to offer online input regarding the State of Heritage in Toronto

On my way to a July 22, 2014 Heritage Consultation meeting at 450 Broadview Ave., I observed an impressive heritage building at Front St. East and Parliament St. that has been turned into a Toronto Police Service facility. Jaan Pill photo

I attended the Heritage Consultation meeting that was held at 450 Broadview Ave. on July 22, 2014. I was very impressed with the meeting, which was well organized and covered a specified list of questions within the time frame allotted to the task.

I learned many new things of interest, and had the opportunity to share my own thoughts and reflections about topics related to heritage preservation in Toronto and Mississauga. Among the things I learned was that the Heritage Toronto Twitter account (see link below) has 11,000 followers.

I learned more in 90 minutes than I could have learned in many weeks of reading and study and random conversation on my own.

I’m very pleased I had the opportunity to attend, having missed an earlier consultation meeting that was held in the West End.


The following message is from Heritage Toronto:

Hi all,

Thank you to all those who attended the Downtown East State of Heritage Consultation last night. For those of you who couldn’t attend or who were there but have more to add, you can do so via this link anytime before Aug. 15:

Thank you again for your valued input,

Stacey Rodas (nee Fowler)
Director of Marketing
Heritage Toronto
Historic St. Lawrence Hall
157 King St. East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5C 1G9
Phone: (416) 338-1339

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[End of text from Heritage Toronto]

51 Division police station

Information about the design of the police station featured on this page (above) can be accessed here.


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