I look at laneway housing, a broad topic with many facets, from a more general, abstract perspective than was the case when, in 2010, in connection with the former Parkview School in Long Branch, I first became interested in land use decision making

The City of Toronto has passed a new bylaw regarding laneway housing; comments made during the drafting are featured at this post (Part 1)

Message from Graeme Decarie to all his MCHS classes; plus a note about the fact that in many contexts, diplomacy in communications enhances human agency

An organization that purports to speak for taxpayers promotes an assimilationist approach to First Nations issues which I in my role as taxpayer find abhorrent

A Dec. 22, 2021 CBC article is entitled: “Hidden behind buildings, the last of Mimico’s opulent lakefront estates is still standing: Myrtle Villa was owned by businessman James Franceschini from 1925 to 1950”

Do you remember restaurants (including Lou’s Campus Grill) along Lake Shore Blvd. West in South Etobicoke in the 1960s?

Some people still remember Arnold’s restaurant at Forty-Second Street and Lake Shore Blvd. West in Etobicoke

More details have emerged (with thanks to site visitors) about a “vanished” school, Grand Avenue Public School in Humber Bay, Etobicoke