Awesome novel, “Where the Crawdads Sing,” portrays evocative, self-contained world [Note: Spoiler Alert]

Toronto Local Appeal Body decision regarding 80 Twenty Third St. in Long Branch now available

Previous post highlights past opioid marketing in the United States. Current post shares Associated Press post-fentanyl update from Estonia plus October 2023 Politico report

As Suzanne Wertheim, linguistic anthropologist, notes: Our linguistic choices can amplify a message. Or they can muddy it, and lessen its impact

Bob Carswell has shared a comment and photos (about Garland Station and Second World War) at a previous post seeking details about MCHS grad Peter Parsons

Rate of known coronavirus cases in Taiwan is one-fifth the rate of known cases in the United States

March 21, 2020 CBC Second Opinion article notes mass COVID-19 testing is key to stopping spread

Countries that do well in current crisis have good testing and a good system for tracking down of people who may have been infected