Toronto Local Appeal Body decision regarding 80 Twenty Third St. in Long Branch now available

The following message is from the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association:

As most of you know, the LBNA has been assisting residents in appealing inappropriate developments in our neighbourhood that are contrary to the Official Plan Bylaws and Long Branch Neighbourhood Character Guidelines. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, COA and TLAB hearings have been postponed until the offices open again, but we do have a new TLAB decision despite the shutdown.

80 Twenty Third St was initially turned down at the COA but then approved for severance by the OMB, however the FSI was refused. Within months, the Applicant applied again to the COA with a second application which was much the same as the first. Two tall oversized homes on 25 foot lots. The City approved this application with conditions. Unsatisfied with this decision, the neighbours appealed and with the assistance of the LBNA, the neighbours appealed and won!

This is a critical decision that can be used to argue against further severance applications and also against overbuilds that are contrary to the existing Neighbourhood Character. The decision has not been posted publicly yet, but we encourage you to read the decision which you can view by clicking here.

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