Vaughn Tanaka of Jim Morita Inc. has relocated; he’s been looking after my car for many years

Vaughn Tanaka, owner of Jim Morita Inc. (phone, voicemail, or text at 416-565-8466 or Vaughn Tanaka ) has done a first-rate job over many years in keeping my 2001 Mazda Protege, now at 208,000 km, running reliably and trouble free. He’s looked after previous cars that we’ve owned as well. We learned about his garage […]

Full-day kindergarten children score highest in vocabulary, self-regulation (Global News, March 28, 2014)

A recent research report regarding all day kindergarten has given rise to a contrast in headlines in two media overviews – in Global News and in The Globe and Mail – regarding the research. The first headline reads: “Full-day kindergarten children score highest in vocabulary, self-regulation.” The second one reads: “Full-day kindergarten offers little academic advantage, study […]

RCMP charges six men accused of massive fraud that cost feds and thousands of investors millions (Financial Post, March 27, 2014)

A March 27, 2014 Financial Post article is entitled: “RCMP charges six men accused of massive fraud that cost feds and thousands of investors millions.” The article refers to a professionally presented, effectively organized fraudulent investment scheme that escaped the due diligence efforts of large numbers of people. That said, the account of the fraud […]

Documentary outlines long-term benefits of early intervention programs addressing behaviour problems in young children

Report by David Godley: Community Consultation, Development Permit System

I’ve recently posted a report by Steve Nazar regarding a PDS (Development Planning System) meeting that he attended. The following text is by David Godley; it concerns community consultation in the City of Toronto, and the Development Permit System:   Introduction Congratulations to the Planning Department on taking the initiative in presenting the Development Permit […]

Report by Steve Nazar: Thoughts after attending first DPS (Development Permit System) meeting, March 17, 2014

Two Cheers for Anarchism (2012) began as a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism

Some years ago, James C. Scott taught a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism in order to educate himself about the topic, and to figure out his own relationship to it. Scott’s conceptualization of anarchism includes a focus on “voluntary co-operation without hierarchy” and a celebration of “the inventiveness and judgment of people who are […]

March 24, 2014 New Yorker article highlights the deconstruction back story

You can find a March 24, 2014 New Yorker article, entitled “The de Man case,” which I found of value given my interest in cultural history and related topics, here. The subhead for the article is entitled: “Does a critic’s past explain his criticism?” I’ve been following this story, and related back stories, for some […]

David Godley’s travel report from Argentina

I like from time to time to share reports, articles, and viewpoints from a wide range of visitors to the Preserved stories website. Such items do not necessarily represent my own views, and do not serve as my endorsement of particular viewpoints. The following text and photos – which you can enlarge by clicking on each […]

I never met Phil Gray, author of Ghosts of Targets Past, in person but I much enjoyed getting to know him

I never met Phil Gray in person. I much enjoyed getting to know him online, and I’m pleased there are people around who knew him, and have spoken with him. Phil Gray was on the email distribution list that I use to send out updates related to this website. He enjoyed my website and quite […]