Ontario Power Authority urges residents to be wary if someone wants to inspect your furnace – March 19, 2014 Etobicoke Guardian

A Match 19, 2014 Etobicoke Guardian article is entitled: “Ontario Power Authority urges residents to be wary if someone wants to inspect your furnace.” An October 2012 blog post about door to door energy scams is among the most visited pages, according to data from Google Analytics, at the Preserved Stories website. I owe thanks to […]

Inspiration Lakeview – March 18, 2014 Community Workshop: Links to a great video and impressive slides are available here

I attended the March 18, 2014 Inspiration Lakeview meeting discussed below. An August 2013 interview with Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey describes the community-driven planning process on which Inspiration Lakeview is based. You can read more at the Mississauga category at this website. I was very impressed with how the March 18, 2014 Inspiration Lakeview […]

Cartierville School brings to mind other Montreal schools – Parkdale, Elmgrove, Morison, Laurentide, High School of Montreal, and Malcolm Campbell High School

Updates A May 2017 CBC interactive webpage is entitled: “Montreal is 375 years old, but how old are its buildings?” A May 17, 2017 Montreal Gazette article is entitled: “Montreal’s history did not start 375 years ago.” [End]   I was very pleased to receive a comment from Yvonne regarding a previous post about Cartierville […]

Ossington Community Association has posted some great tweets regarding the Development Permit System

Updates I’ve received a comment that posting a series of tweets does not make for fun reading, for a site visitor. That’s a good point – I’ll find another way to communicate information related to Twitter accounts that I follow. I much appreciate comments about the contents and format of the site. I’ve also received […]

Epidemiology of Stuttering: 21st Century Advances. Journal of Fluency Disorders, June 2013

I subscribe to a ScienceDirect email newsletter entitled “Your ScienceDirect Top 25,” which keeps me up to date on recent articles related to fluency disorders as well as the 25 Top Articles Overall. The text that follows below is an abstract for an article entitled Epidemiology of Stuttering: 21st Century Advances, from the June 2013 […]

The Maltese Falcon, based upon the novel by Damiell Hammett, is great entertainment

As a part-time Ryerson film student I’ve recently watched some great movies. In this post I’ll discuss The Maltese Falcon (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957) and Mary Astor (1906-1987). The movie is black and white with fairly hard light sources. The lighting contrast ratio in the production – the relation between key light (the light that […]

“Reset TO” – March 18, 2014 Open House and Public Meeting at Etobicoke Civic Centre. Also that day: Lakeview Waterfront Community Workshop

Text from City of Toronto website The following text, featuring information about upcoming Open Houses, is from the Reset TO page at the City of Toronto website (the page also includes a a Reset TO toolkit in PDF format): To “reset” means to begin again with the same basic principles or context while following a […]

Point of information regarding Local Appeal Body notifications

I am pleased to share the following information, from Councillor Mark Grimes’ office, in reference to a comment made in an earlier blog post concerning notifications related to the ongoing Local Appeal Body consultation meetings. The information about the LAB consultations has been on Councillor Grimes’ website since February 2014. The notifications about the Local […]

Photos from New Toronto Lawn Bowling Club at 153 Lakeshore Drive, formed in 1901

I’m very pleased to share with you two photos that I have received by email from Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office. Denise Harris of the Etobicoke Historical Society has identified the photos and shared a link where more information is available: http://www.newtorontohistorical.com/New%20Toronto%20Lawn%20Bowling.htm The club is over 110 years old. Additional information can be found here. I’m […]