How news is constructed – The News: A User’s Manual, Alain de Botton (2014)

If you have an interest in how news is constructed, as I do, you might enjoy reading The News: A User’s Manual (2014) by Alain de Botton. The author notes (p. 11): The news known how to render its own mechanics almost invisible and therefore hard to question. It speaks to us in a natural […]

What could be more fun than equity scores? Long Branch (56.26); Alderwood (63.88); New Toronto (53.21); Mimico (62.36)

A March 10, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “140 Toronto neighbourhoods ranked by new ‘equity score.’” The article includes a great map and listings. I owe thanks to a tweet from Sarah Thomson for alerting me to this article. The opening paragraph reads [please note that I’ve changed the placement of a comma; […]

Updates to previous post regarding Machine in Garden aesthetic of factory design

A previous post about the Machine in the Garden aesthetic of factory design included a large number of updates. For ease in reading of the original post, I’ve removed the updates and have included them (below) as a separate post: A May 8, 2021 New York Times article is entitled: “Seeing the Real Faces of […]

House of Commons Petitions

Donna Magee writes: Thought this might interest some of you. According to Dominic LeBlanc whose session on the workings of the House of Commons. Opposition parties can speak to ecah petition (minimium of 25 signatures and addresses) for 45 secs. So better to send 100 individual petitions with 25 names on each than one petition […]

Perception is reality and other truisms: When immersed in a story we let down our guard

In  a recent post concerning a federal government lawsuit seeking to reclaim $330,000 in kickbacks, I’ve spoken of the distinction between rhetoric and reality. That’s a great post – it’s not too long, yet covers a lot of ground. Gradually, it’s dawned on me that adding endless material to such blog posts – by way […]

Russ Ford is running for council in Ward 6

I’m pleased to share with you the following message from Russ Ford: As you may know I am running for city council in the upcoming election. Too many people have been marginalized by our current system. People do not vote because the political system does not work for them, it does not respond to their […]

Jane’s Walk and the City WalkShops – informal, interactive workshops on walking

I’m pleased to share with you information about some great free events related to Jane’s Walk that you can access at Connect, share, and learn The purpose of these informal, interactive workshops is to develop Jane’s Walks on eight themes that matter in Toronto. I learned about these events just recently, when I attended […]

March 9, 2014, 2:00 pm Beach Canal Lighthouse Group General Meeting Notice

Many historical societies are at work along the shores of Lake Ontario. I have a keen interest in the work of each of them. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share the following notice from the Beach Canal Lighthouse Group: Beach Canal Lighthouse Group General Meeting Notice Good afternoon: Make sure your clocks are […]

A note concerning a federal government lawsuit involving a city hall aide

This post concerns a March 7, 2014 article entitled: “Toronto city hall aide faces federal lawsuit seeking $330,000.” That’s an engaging story. It helps a person to understand, at least to some extent, some things that might otherwise not be understood. The person in question appeared to me to have a good grasp of […]