Russ Ford is running for council in Ward 6

I’m pleased to share with you the following message from Russ Ford:

As you may know I am running for city council in the upcoming election. Too many people have been marginalized by our current system. People do not vote because the political system does not work for them, it does not respond to their issues.

I do not know about you but I find that completely unacceptable. We need politicians who not only represent all, but are committed to the principles of equity and social justice. Politics is often about making choices but those choices have to be based on principles.

Above all else we need to restore a sense of hope that things can change, that your voice will be heard. It can only happen if we achieve real results and it starts by electing politicians that are truly committed to their community and this city.

I believe I am such a person. It is a belief that is backed by tangible results from 30 years of working in south Etobicoke the last 14 as the Executive Director of LAMP Community Health Centre.

But for this to happen, I need your help. I am running against a three term councilor who will be well financed and is strongly connected to Mayor Ford. It is going to be hard but anything worth doing is usually hard.

I hope that you will consider joining me in this journey by becoming part of our campaign. If the future of our city and the Lakeshore matters to you, and I know it does, please consider donating your time and money to our campaign.

On Monday March 17 at 10:00 a.m. I will be making it official by registering to run. My website at should be live sometime that day. Please take a look.

[This concludes the text from Russ Ford]


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