A Conservation Heritage District for Long Branch would be highly valuable in protecting our heritage buildings

Councillor Grimes’ office has previously shared information with us about the steps required to get the Heritage Conservation District under way. Such a project has been discussed before. The previous discussion was valuable. I look forward to working with other Long Branch residents, starting this year, in getting the process moving forward.  

Message from Councillor Grimes in support of Ratepayers Association of South Long Branch (RASL)

I am pleased to share the following e-mail from Councillor Grimes’ office with you. The support of Councillor Grimes’ office for the efforts of the Ratepayers Association of South Long Branch (RASL) is much appreciated. The message, to planning staff at the City of Toronto, is dated January 30, 2012. Subject: Dominion Rd “We have […]

Everyday life in South Asia, 2nd ed. (2010)

Everyday life in South Asia (2010) is edited by Diane P. Mines, associate professor of anthroplogy at Appalachian State University and Sarah Lamb, associate professor and chair of anthropology at Brandeis University. The book focuses upon the stories that we share about our everyday experiences. Highlights include: Chapter 8. Breadwinners no more: Identities in flux. […]

Colonial powers stripped those cultures they intended to exploit of heritage, pride, and self-identity

I came across Europe and the people without history by reading a citation about it in Karolyn Smardz Frost (2007). The citation notes that Eric Wolf (1982) “demonstrated how colonial powers stripped those cultures they intended to exploit of heritage, pride, and self-identity” (Frost 2007, p. 355). That’s an apt description. Wolf describes specified political and […]

With high-definition video, the close-up may — or may not — be less critical

Small tech: The culture of digital tools (2008) includes includes a discussion by Jim Bizzocchi on the impact of high-definition video on the home viewing experience. Films for television have in the past avoided long shots, and have favoured close-ups, according to Bizzocchi. This was a natural response to the small screen size and low-definition […]

Analysis of the discourse about Saladin (Anne-Marie Eddé)

Saladin (2011) by Anne-Marie Eddé was published in France in 2008; the book is translated by Jane Marie Todd. The author’s analysis of the discourse related to Saladin is elegantly organized and easy to follow. Eddé notes that the legend that has surrounded Saladin cannot be understood outside of the historical, literary, and political context […]

Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Laurel Broten’s annual New Year’s Levee – January 29, 2012

I’m pleased to share this announcement about Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Laurel Broten’s annual New Year’s Levee. The event will take place on Sunday, January 29th, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Polish Alliance of Canada Hall, 2282 Lake Shore Blvd. West. This is a community event that is open to everyone, and Laurel Broten is […]

How would you compare Mimico 20/20 and the Lakeview Legacy Project?

Update: A Feb. 15, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Aggressive development: Inside the building and selling of a Toronto condo tower.” [End of update]   The following comments are in reply to David Switzer’s helpful comments in response to a previous blog. There is much value in talking about how Mimico and Lakeview […]

John Danahy has contributed in a major way to the success of the Lakeview Legacy Project

I had the good fortune to attend a presentation on January 18, 2012 by John W. Danahy of the University of Toronto faculty of architecture, landscape, and design. The talk, organized by the Lakeshore Planning Council Inc., was at the Mimico Centennial Library. In a previous post, I speculated about the differences, if any, between the […]