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We have a lot of great stories.

Here are a few of them; there are many more:

Stay Awhile – April 24, 2015 Toronto premiere of documentary about The Bells

Linking a favourite song to each of the MCHS alumni who have passed away

The MCHS 69er Reunion was held in Montreal on July 31, 1999

Ulrich Laska has added a comment to our forum about Cartierville School

Ruth MacLeod recalls the day in the 1960s when a memorable Phys Ed teacher arrived at Malcolm Campbell High School in a Type E Jaguar sports car

Tim Hewlings has shared two great maps highlighting the history of Bois Franc

MCHS Bio for Graeme Decarie, who taught for three years at Malcolm Campbell High School

There are many more stories. We trust that this list will encourage you to spend some time and read a few of them.

To access Bios we have collected to date, click at the link below:

MCHS 2015 Bios

If you’d like to write a bio, here are some instructions, in the event you like to follow instructions for such tasks:

Bio Information Sheet for MCHS ’60s students

Please write your bio and send it to Jaan Pill at

We know it takes time. Your bio doesn’t need to be perfect. Just a few highlights of what you’ve been up to since we last ran into each other forty or fifty years ago. We know that you have great stories to share with us!

If you would like help in putting your bio together, we will find just the right person to help you to polish your draft.

For the Reunion, we are planning to put together displays – mounted on easels and presented using PowerPoint slides – featuring MCHS Yearbook or Age-17 photos of Alumni attending the event, along with brief texts about each of them.

The People History from 1800 to Present Day

As a follow-up to a suggestion from Nancy Renz, Gina (Davis) Cayer has found a great site – concerned with the things that were happening in the news in specified years – that is well worth mentioning, from what I can assess from an initial visit:

Click here to access the The People History website >


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