Handy documents to refer to when preparing for Committee of Adjustment hearings

From time to time, I have shared information with people preparing for C of A and similar meetings. Here’s a link from my website, with regard to preparing for hearings: If you receive a Notice from the Committee of Adjustment, here’s (1) a Guide to the Notice & (2) things to think about (for residents […]

Application for lot severance & building of soldier houses at 38 Thirty Sixth Street has been Refused by the C of A

An excerpt from a June 29, 2017 email from David Godley, regarding the June 29, 2017 meeting of the Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment, reads: “Congratulations all those involved. The large turnout, looking like a whole village was impressive. “Robert’s visit to Committee on June 1st showed the importance of this and his commitment and co-ordination […]

Property damage at house next to 20 Garden Place in Long Branch: Damage occasioned as part of demolition process

I have been informed that a demolition at 20 Garden Place in Long Branch has given rise to property damage at an adjacent house. A neighbour notes: “This [the property where demolition/construction is underway] is the house that was settled by city planners at the OMB the night before the hearing.” Please contact me if […]

Air Traffic Noise meeting set for June 28, 2017 at Assembly Hall is rescheduled for July 11, 2017 at Toronto Congress Centre

The GTAA-sponsored airport meeting planned for June 28, 2017 at the Assembly Hall has been rescheduled. Salza Kassam <Salza.Kassam@gtaa.com> of GTAA writes at 4:22 pm on June 28, 2017: Good afternoon, I am sending this e-mail on behalf of Kathryn Hanford, Manager, Community Outreach. This evening’s Public Workshop at the Assembly Hall in Etobicoke-Lakeshore has […]

Some links regarding empathy

At a page at this website dealing with mindfulness meditation, I’ve shared a comment about empathy. In order to bring attention to the comment, I have created the current blog post. The comment reads: Empathy A July 12, 2012 Wired article is entitled: “Compassion over empathy could help prevent emotional burnout.” A June 3, 2013 […]

A message from Sheila Dai, reaching out to friends of her brother Jenning Dai

A May 31, 2014 blog post at the Preserved Stories website, a post that many people connected with Malcolm Campbell High School have read, is entitled: Jenning Dai (MCHS ’63) tragically passed away 50 years ago this month (May 1964) At the latter post, Sheila Dai has posted the following comment, which I am featuring […]

Five steps to have a successful conversation based on research from the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. Sketchnote by @ImpactWales

  The image is from a June 22, 2017 tweet from Helen Bevan‏ @helenbevan Five steps to have a successful conversation based on research from the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. Sketchnote by @ImpactWales [End]  

In 2008, Lakeview residents saved the Small Arms Building

I was really pleased to have the opportunity, at a Small Arms Building groundbreaking ceremony on June 17, 2017, to record interviews about the steps – initiated when a Lakeview resident had seen a demolition truck at the gate of the building site – that saved the Small Arms Building from demolition several years ago. As […]

Marlene Slotin writes: Does anyone remember these details from Ville St. Laurent in the 1950s?

I very much like how this website occasionally serves as a networking resource. A previous post is entitled: We’ve had many comments in response to Graeme Decarie’s Bois Franc question At the previous post, Marlene Slotin has shared a comment, which I’d like to present as a separate post, in order to bring attention to […]

Lively, well-attended groundbreaking ceremony at Small Arms Building, June 17, 2017

A well-attended June 17, 2017 event at the historic Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga began with a series of lively presentations, followed by a most enjoyable groundbreaking ceremony. The ceremony marks the beginning of the repurposing of the historic Small Arms Building as a creative hub, which – as noted in a 2017 City […]