Marlene Slotin writes: Does anyone remember these details from Ville St. Laurent in the 1950s?

I very much like how this website occasionally serves as a networking resource.

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We’ve had many comments in response to Graeme Decarie’s Bois Franc question

At the previous post, Marlene Slotin has shared a comment, which I’d like to present as a separate post, in order to bring attention to it:

June 17th 2017 Does anyone remember the following..I grewup in Ville st. laurent in the 50’s. My father was a jewish peddler with canadian outfitting co. on st. laurent..the main. I attended beth ora synagogue with rabbi morris halpern in the 60’s. I went to sir winston churchill high school in the 60’s. I lived on valade st. corner st. louis. My best friend was beverely nermeroff & candy fisher.




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