Blurbs define us and tell us who we are

It’s great to have a Twitter account and a blog, because they offer a person a way to organize her or his thinking and learn from other people. My topic concerns the nature of reality. How do we make sense of reality? We have available to us a wide range of academic, corporate, and political […]

Marie Curtis Park – Bike Skills Park – September 11, 2013 Public Information Meeting

Information about the proposed Bike Skills Park is available here. The text from the latter Canadian Cycling Magazine site reads as follows: City officials are looking for input on the design of a new bike park in the southwest corner of Toronto. Marie Curtis Park is located at the mouth of Etobicoke Creek, where the […]

Mobile phones kill more drivers than booze does, police say, sparking long weekend crackdown (Aug. 30, 2013 Globe and Mail)

Updates A Jan. 30, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Distracted driving now deadlier than impaired driving.” A Feb. 4, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Cellphone use behind the wheel could be stopped with technology.” The subhead reads: “Distracted driving’s potential to kill or injure others needs preventive policy now, Canadian doctors say.” An […]

Heritage Toronto Awards & William Kilbourn Memorial Lecture October 15, 2013

Following message is from Heritage Toronto: This premier cultural event combines the annual William Kilbourn Memorial Lecture with an awards ceremony to celebrate outstanding contributions to the promotion and conservation of our city’s heritage. The evening begins with the exclusive Nominees’ Reception and ends with a post-reception for all in attendance. Both receptions are catered […]

Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro

In recent years I’ve been working toward capability in professional video editing. For the three videos I currently have on Vimeo, I’ve depended upon the capable services of a professional video and sound editor, Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services. Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro At first I thought that I would proceed with […]

Evil Men (2013)

The following blurb at the Toronto Public Library website highlights a study by James Dawes – presented in a fractured structuring of transcripts and commentary – entitled Evil Men: Presented with accounts of genocide and torture, we ask how people could bring themselves to commit such horrendous acts. A searching meditation on our all-too-human capacity for […]

Toronto’s gardens and young trees are thirsty (news release)

News Release August 23, 2013 Toronto’s gardens and young trees are thirsty Toronto’s tree canopy provides great health and recreation benefits to residents, and now our trees can use your help to stay healthy. The city has received very little rain in the past three weeks – a stark contrast after all the rain Toronto […]

On August 21, 2013, I attended a small-group Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment meeting

Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013 preview: Ai Wei Wei amongst the hundreds of artists at the all-night extravaganza (August 21, 2013 Globe and Mail)

The above-noted August 21, 2013 article by James Adams in The Globe and Mail begins as follows: Elvis Costello has said that “writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” That notion of the ineffable also has some application when it comes to describing Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, the all-night contemporary visual arts “thing” having […]

Weekend events with road closures in Toronto (news release)

City of Toronto news release August 21, 2013 Weekend events with road closures in Toronto Three special events this weekend will involve road closures. Residents and visitors are encouraged to come out and enjoy these events. Businesses in the area affected are open to pedestrian traffic but some roads will be closed to vehicles. Festivals and […]