May 30, 2019 message from Heritage Toronto highlights recent Bill 108 Town Hall in Toronto

At May 29, 2019 meeting, Toronto Preservation Board has adopted recommendation to declare city’s intent to designate 1 Blue Goose Street under Ontario Heritage Act

Stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, help determine the course of our lives; and we can change the stories for the better

Boarded-up early 1900s house at Trafalgar Road and Derry Road retains echoes of bygone days

Message from Dan Schneider, former Policy Advisor for Heritage in Ontario government, regarding changes to Ontario Heritage Act, proposed in Bill 108

Really interesting to see the Six Points reconfiguration project as it proceeds; alleged lack of holistic vision also noted

I was really pleased to learn the 75th Anniversary Event at the Small Arms Inspection Building has been SOLD OUT!

When lifting with a hex bar, it’s good to use large-diameter weights, as that makes for a better lift

Next MCHS Kitchener luncheon is on June 7, 2019 at Mandarin restaurant at 4220 King St. East (Kitchener)

Journalists from the New York Times will visit the Stratford Festival Forum to lead conversations about who Othello is today – Stratford Festival sponsored article in Toronto Star