I was really pleased to learn the 75th Anniversary Event at the Small Arms Inspection Building has been SOLD OUT!

A previous post is entitled:

Watch 2 time Canadian Champion Dancers Boris & Patricia perform at the 75th Anniversary of the Small Arms Inspection Building May 25th

I was really pleased to learn recently via Twitter that this event is SOLD OUT.

In the twenty-one years I lived in South Etobicoke, I followed the stories and back stories about the Small Arms Building in nearby Lakeview closely over many years.

Its repurposing story brought home a key lesson for me, namely, that if you want to repurpose a heritage building, you need a cross-section of high-end skills. An enthusiasm for history counts for much, but in itself it’s not sufficient to enable a major repurposing project to proceed.

This is among the most important points I’ve learned, over the years I lived in South Etobicoke.

I’ve highlighted what I’ve learned, in this regard, at a post entitled:

Enthusiasm for local history is not enough, by itself, to preserve and repurpose heritage buildings

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