May 6, 2012 Long Branch walk has been posted to Jane’s Walk website

We owe thanks to Councillor Grimes’ office for suggesting this walk and to Mike James for agreeing so readily to serve as as a leader on this walk. We owe thanks to Ruth Grier for sharing information from her May 2010 Long Branch Jane’s Walk and to David Switzer for letting us know that there’s a distinction between […]

A Jane’s Walk is in the nature of a conversation

I spoke recently with Fanny Martin, Event Manager, Jane’s Walk. She mentioned something about Jane’s Walks that I find most appealing. She said that a Jane’s Walk is in the nature of a conversation. Everyone’s free to share a thought — it’s not some kind of top-down distribution of information. I like that aspect of the process […]

Wetlands are wonderful, or not, depending on which side of Etobicoke Creek you’re standing upon

  By way of background regarding the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project, I’m pleased to share with you the following for the public meeting — held on Feb 23, 2012 — which I found highly inspiring.   The Mississauga side is developing wetlands using landfill. This will involve what are described as significant savings in financial […]

This project is called the Lakeview Waterfront Connection

We’re pleased to have the opportunity to share the following message, recently forwarded to us by Councillor Grimes’ office:   Hello, Credit Valley Conservation on behalf of the Region of Peel and with the support of the City of Mississauga and Toronto and Region Conservation is embarking on a project involving the creation of a new […]

We can think of Long Branch as a lost beach resort area, with turrets, verandas, and porches

The following notes are from David Switzer, who’s pointed out the distinction between a Jane’s Walk  — such as in Long Branch on May 6, 2012 — and a heritage walk. These notes are derived from what David Switzer recalls from Jane Jacobs’ books and related sources: Long Branch was once a beach resort for […]

Here’s the letter, for your interest, that we’ve prepared regarding 4 James Street

c/o Susanne Pringle, Manager & Deputy Secretary Treasurer Office of the Committee of Adjustment Etobicoke Civic Centre Toronto, Ontario M9C 5A3 February 23, 2012 Dear Susan Pringle: We are writing with regard to 4 James Street in our role as homeowners who have lived in Long Branch for fifteen years. We are aware of the […]

We seek request your help — today — with a letter-writing campaign aimed at protecting Toronto’s neighbourhoods

Media Release February 17, 2012 Long Branch resident calls on Etobicoke Councillors and residents to stop the severances Local residemts are asking Councillors and the community to stop the latest developer attempt to chop up property in Long Branch and elsewhere, and to protect Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Etobicoke, Ontario A local Long Branch resident is calling upon the Etobicoke […]

Jane Fairburn’s book ‘Along the Shore’ slated for publication Spring 2013

We are pleased to share with you the following email from Jane Fairburn. We are very impressed with Jane’s work as a writer and the throughness of her research. This will be an exciting and valuable book. Jane Fairburn writes: Dear friends, colleagues and supporters, I am very happy to announce that information on my […]

What is a Jane’s Walk? How does it differ from a heritage walk?

We’ve received a valuable e-mail message indicating that it would be a useful exercise for the organizers of the May 6, 2012 Long Branch Jane’s Walk to establish a clear distinction in our minds between a Jane’s Walk and a traditional heritage walk. We much appreciate this advice. We’ll make changes in our outline, and […]

A Jane’s Walk will be held in Long Branch on Sunday, May 6, 2012 starting at 10:30 am in Marie Curtis Park

We’ve registered a Jane’s Walk, with a 10:30 am start at the East Parking Lot at Marie Curtis Park, for Sunday, May 6, 2012. We owe many thanks to Councillor Grimes’ office for suggesting that we organize this walk, and for providing details about the Jane’s Walk registration process. We owe thanks as well to […]