Councillor proposes to save historic features of buildings by transporting them to Scarborough museum

We’ve received a message recently about a topic on the City of Toronto Economic Development Committee agenda. According to a message we’ve received, the proposal would not supersede Heritage Preservation but rather is intended to create an architectural ‘museum’ if the buildings are slated for demolition or renovation: At this a request has been made for a […]

How can we ensure that Mimico residents have the opportunity to offer meaningful input regarding Mimico 20/20?

How can we ensure the local community has the opportunity to offer meaningful input during the Mimico 20/20 planning process? This was a key question that emerged at a December 7, 2011 public meeting related to Mimico 20/20. A recent public meeting involving two presentations, seven workshops, and a plenary session on Saturday, February 11, 2012 […]

Ormsby/Franceschini Estate qualifies as one of Mimico’s most significant heritage resources

The following overview has been prepared by Michael Harrison. One of the most significant heritage resources in the Mimico 20/20 revitalization area is the Ormsby/Franceschini Estate, now the Amedeo Garden Court apartment complex. The existing heritage elements of the Ormsby/Franceschini Estate were listed under the Ontario Heritage Act in 2006. On April 1, 2011 the […]

For my 3-minute talk, I’ve added a paragraph about what I learned at ISTAR

In response to feedback on my earlier drafts, I’ve added a paragraph about my experiences in Edmonton in July 1987. I’ve removed a few words elsewhere in order to stay within the 3-minute limit. My next step has involved calculating how quickly I would need to speak in order to deliver the text within 3 minutes. My […]

I’m pleased I’ve been getting good feedback on the draft of my 3-minute talk

Here’s the most recent version of the 3-minute talk that I’ll be presenting in Edmonton early in March 2012. I really enjoy the process of rehearsing and developing such a talk. I’ll be using a stopwatch to ensure I’m exactly on target in terms of the length. __________________________________________________________________________   Good evening. I began to stutter at […]

Take a minute and write a letter or email about what makes Montgomery’s Inn special to you. They need your stories!

We are pleased to share with you the following message from Montgomery’s INNovators:  c/o Montgomery’s Inn, 4709 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario M9A 1A8 February 4, 2012 We have some major catching up to do as our email list becomes operational at last! Montgomery’s Inn Museum INNovators (a.k.a. Montgomery’s INNovators) was incorporated on Oct. 1, […]

Extensive rehearsal can help each of us get better at public speaking

I enjoy public speaking. It’s an important part of my work on behalf of the community. It’s an important part of my networking efforts. Standing in front of an audience is a place where I feel at ease. My next presentation will be a three-minute talk in Edmonton, on the occasion early in March 2012 […]

ISTAR is celebrating its 25th anniversary in March 2012

ISTAR is the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research. Einer Boberg and Deborah Kully are the founders of ISTAR, which is located in Edmonton. My visit to ISTAR 25 years ago changed the direction of my life. So many unexpected and positive things have happened in my life in the years that followed. I’m really […]