I’ve posted a proposal for a 1960s Malcolm Campbell High School mini-reunion

You can find the post here. I’m looking forward to your comments! Most visitors to this website didn’t graduate from Malcolm Campbell High School in 1963. That being said, any suggestions you may have regarding a venue for such a small reunion, or any other aspect of the proposed event, would be much appreciated.  

Nov. 29, 2013 news update – Region of Peel

You can access the Nov. 29, 2013 region of Peel update here.  

Details are available regarding the intention to designate Wesley Mimico United Church under the Ontario Heritage Act

The redevelopment of Wesley Mimico United Church has been discussed in previous posts – including in an overview of the decision making process related to the redevelopment. I’ve been following this story, at times closely, since February 2012. The repurposing of church buildings in Toronto has been the subject of extensive research in recent years. […]

Nov. 27, 2013 community information meeting shares Inspiration Lakeview updates (I’ve added updates based on the Auditor General’s report regarding OPG)

[Updates related to a recent Ontario Auditor General report regarding OPG are available at the final section of this post.]   I was very pleased to have the opportunity to attend the Nov. 27, 2013 information update in Mississauga regarding Inspiration Lakeview. A Nov. 27, 2013 article at Mississauga.com, entitled “Infrastructure Ontario joins Inspiration Lakeview,” […]

Comment regarding Love is Better Than Hate (it was, among other things, a quote from Wilfred Laurier)

You can find an interesting Facebook comment regarding Love is Better Than Hate here. At the above-noted link you will encounter the following comment: Justin repeats the words of a revered Liberal and the NDP is indignant because Jack Layton used it once when he was dying. Something about that smacks of feigned indignation and […]

City of Toronto wins National Heritage Award (News Release)

David Juliusson has forwarded the following message: News Release November 20, 2013 City of Toronto wins National Heritage Award The City of Toronto has received the Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement in heritage planning and policy for the City Planning Division’s Official Plan Amendment 199: “Official Plan Heritage Policies.” The award was given by […]

We are seeking photos of the Island Road and Etobicoke Flats between the 1920s and 1955

Thank you, Colleen O’Marra, for keeping this topic top of mind

Colleen O’Marra writes: I’m still puzzled that permission is needed to see photos of artifacts uncovered at the 1984 Colonel Smith homestead. We have ready access to King Tut’s treasures and King Richard III’s skeleton found under a parking lot in England.What’s all the mystery about ? A picture of a piece of pottery shard […]

David Switzer of Long Branch has shared a link to a well-designed website for a neighbourhood oral history

David Switzer writes: I have come across a well designed website for a neighbourhood oral history. http://www.harbordvillagehistory.ca/hvhistory_oralhistory_interviewlist.html Comment Wonderful to know about this! Thank you David!  

We’ve received valuable comments from David Webster regarding Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey) history

We’ve received valuable comments from David Webster about the Colonel Samuel Smith property and related topics: http://preservedstories.com/2011/12/07/notes-regarding-colonel-samuel-smith-talk/#comment-8396 http://preservedstories.com/2013/10/18/long-branch-was-a-great-place-to-be-an-adolescent-alistair-thomson-reports/#comment-8398 http://preservedstories.com/2013/10/04/colleen-omara-found-the-small-arms-open-house-was-very-crowded/#comments http://preservedstories.com/2013/05/05/second-long-branch-janes-walk-on-may-5-explored-the-mississauga-toronto-border-south-of-lake-shore-blvd-west/#comments http://preservedstories.com/2013/10/14/1905-survey-map-shows-buildings-at-colonel-samuel-smith-homestead-site/#comments A more recent comment (Nov. 28, 2013) concerns the aftermath of Hurricane Hazel. I’ll post the comment in the next while.