Comment regarding Love is Better Than Hate (it was, among other things, a quote from Wilfred Laurier)

You can find an interesting Facebook comment regarding Love is Better Than Hate here.

At the above-noted link you will encounter the following comment:

  • Justin repeats the words of a revered Liberal and the NDP is indignant because Jack Layton used it once when he was dying. Something about that smacks of feigned indignation and typical attacks on the Liberals which we have seen from this NDP Leader, and which Layton was smart enough not to attempt.


Love is better. Compassion is better. Empathy is better.

It’s valuable to share these words – which have different meanings for different people, and are used to position a wide range of brands and agendas – from time to time.

These inspiring words, along with the divergent contexts and frames of reference in which the words appear, warrant reflection and thought.

One of my favourite narratives regarding Jack Layton is that, as a councillor at the City of Toronto, he made a point of getting along with a wide range of people, including those whose views and interests did not coincide with his own.

It was remarked, in the course of CBC news coverage after his death, that the skills of conciliation and alliance building that he developed as a councillor were put to exquisitely good use when Layton launched his career as a federal politician. He inspired, and continues to inspire, many people, inside and outside of his own political party.

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