Thank you, Colleen O’Marra, for keeping this topic top of mind

Colleen O’Marra writes:

I’m still puzzled that permission is needed to see photos of artifacts
uncovered at the 1984 Colonel Smith homestead. We have ready access to
King Tut’s treasures and King Richard III’s skeleton found under a
parking lot in England.What’s all the mystery about ? A picture of a
piece of pottery shard will certainly not ignite any interest in local
history, not in this century. ( Colleen M. O’Marra)


I will pass along Colleen O’Marra’s comments to City of Toronto Museum Services.

My favourite story about Colonel Samuel Smith involves the celebration of his 250th birthday by a small group of Long Branch residents a few years ago.

That gave me a sense of connection to Smith as an individual that I would not otherwise have. I took a walk that night out to the Smith homestead site, and reflected for a few moments on his life.

I also had a look recently at a 26-minute online video that we’d put together some years ago regarding Colonel Samuel Smith. It was nice to look back on the making of the video, which included getting permission to post photos of the 1984 artifacts, and to look forward to the making of future ones.


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