Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro

In recent years I’ve been working toward capability in professional video editing.

For the three videos I currently have on Vimeo, I’ve depended upon the capable services of a professional video and sound editor, Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services.

Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro

At first I thought that I would proceed with iMovie and eventually Final Cut Pro as my editing platform. Steven Toepell has used iMovie to edit the video for the three above-mentioned videos that have been posted to Vimeo.

Adobe Premiere Pro

I’ve encountered the view, however, that Final Cut Pro 10 is a super-iMovie platform that may be suitable for prosumer video enthusiasts, but is less widely used by professional video editors than was the case with Final Cut Pro 7.

I began thinking about this after reading a July 5, 2013 Globe and Mail article which spoke about current trends in professional video editing. I recently also came across a May 9, 2013 article – as well as a September 5, 2013 Pro Video Coalition article – addressing the same topic. It may be noted that the latter article is by Meagan Keane, Product Marketing Manager, Premiere Pro.

The most recent version of Final Cut Pro is Version 10.

The previous Version 7 was widely used by commercial editors but is no longer supported by Apple.

Accordingly, I’ve signed up for an evening course on Adobe Premiere Pro at Ryerson University.

I look forward to learning iMovie and Final Cut Pro as well, so I can learn how different platforms work.


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