Air Traffic Noise meeting set for June 28, 2017 at Assembly Hall is rescheduled for July 11, 2017 at Toronto Congress Centre

Jaan Pill photo

Jaan Pill photo

The GTAA-sponsored airport meeting planned for June 28, 2017 at the Assembly Hall has been rescheduled.

Salza Kassam <> of GTAA writes at 4:22 pm on June 28, 2017:

Good afternoon,

I am sending this e-mail on behalf of Kathryn Hanford, Manager, Community Outreach.

This evening’s Public Workshop at the Assembly Hall in Etobicoke-Lakeshore has been rescheduled.

This workshop will now be held:

Tuesday, July 11
Toronto Congress Centre
650 Dixon Road in Etobicoke (Hwy 27 and Dixon Road)

Please see the attached flyer for the details, or visit


Jaan Pill photo

Jaan Pill photo

[End of GTAA message]

Comment at previous post about air traffic noise – from a newly settled Long Branch resident

A previous post is entitled:

Noise complaints regarding increased aircraft traffic in Alderwood, Long Branch, and Markland Wood; meeting on April 19, 2017

At that post, a comment from Kujawa Wendy reads as follows. I am posting it as part of the current post by way of bringing attention to her comment and similar previous comments:

I also very much depressed . just moved to the area from islington and rathburn. There no any noise to compare what is in long branch. I don’t know why they discriminate some area because more rich people lived there and they have privilege ? I love long branch and will fight with aviation . Please help me I think the more people complain the better outcome. If this not going to help and we going to lose our health and our children too then the best lawyers from Toronto can do something . Our families most important and no one going to protect our children except parents . They so fragile .


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Of related interest: A June 9, 20178 CBC article is entitled: “Toronto noise levels prompt concern from city’s medical officer of health: Loud streets jeopardizing people’s hearing, heart and mental health, report suggests.”

Update: June 29, 2017 message from Jem Cain

Jem Cain has shared with me the following email:

Hi Salza,

I live in South-Etobicoke and I am underwhelmed by the GTAA’s outreach to our community.

I don’t believe the reason the GTAA is giving for cancelling last night’s meeting with only a few hours notice.

The ONLY reason for moving the meeting out of our community with No Notice is to discourage people from attending.

Whenever organizations and government want to guarantee poor attendance at public consultation meetings they hold them in July, August or December, and they ensure the venue is not located in the community.

July is traditionally vacation time. Our children are out of school and people are focused on spending time with their children and summer vacation, as I am certain the GTAA is well aware.

This way the GTAA can claim to have had fair and reasonable public consultation and outreach to the community south of the airport and can claim that due to lack of interest no one showed up.

Citizens deserve real public consultation where they have an equal opportunity to participate regardless of where they live.

Jem Cain



Regarding the general topic of urban noise, a July 7, 2017 Washington Post article is entitled: “Eating out may be bad for your ears.”


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