What could be more fun than equity scores? Long Branch (56.26); Alderwood (63.88); New Toronto (53.21); Mimico (62.36)

A March 10, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “140 Toronto neighbourhoods ranked by new ‘equity score.'”

The article includes a great map and listings.

I owe thanks to a tweet from Sarah Thomson for alerting me to this article.

The opening paragraph reads [please note that I’ve changed the placement of a comma; I like to have the comma before the end quotation mark, although I do note this usage may be on the way out]:

  • A new measure is being used to rank Toronto’s neighbourhoods – the “neighbourhood equity score,” which combines ratings for economic opportunity, social development, health, participation in decision-making and physical surroundings.

[End of excerpt]

It’s interesting to note that The Globe and Mail has adopted a punctuation style that avoids a serial comma, which in this case would appear – if the serial comma usage were in effect – between “decision-making” and the word “and.” I don’t think the omission of the serial comma makes a lot of sense, but each person or organization makes up its own rules of usage regarding such matters.


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