World Health Organization recommends that no more than 5 percent of your caloric intake – that is, 25 grams – should come from sugar

I often drive by 198 New Toronto St. in south Etobicoke where Lantic Sugar is located. The first link in the sentence above gives you a Google Street view of the location. The second link gives you an overview describing how sugar is refined. Whenever I drive by the Lantic Sugar plant, I think of […]

Report from Geoff Kettel regarding March 3, 2014 Local Appeal Body Consultation at North York Civic Centre

I’ve previously posted comments from Steve Nazar concerning a Local Appeal Body consultation that he attended on Feb. 18, 2014. I’m pleased to share with you as well the following report from Geoff Kettel: Local Appeal Body Public Consultation North York Civic Centre March 3 2014, 7pm Billed as a consultation on the establishment of […]

A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998 (2004)

This post is a follow-up to an earlier post about Cartierville School. A useful reference, regarding topics in the post, is A Meeting of the People: School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801-1998 (2004). You can access the study online at Google Books. You can do a search for “Cartierville” at the link in the previous sentence. […]

Canadians and Their Pasts (2013). Digital Film-making (2014).

Finding myself back in class after an absence of many years, I’m pleased to see that the SQ3R method of study is still around. An overview at the link in the previous sentence provides a definition of what SQ3R entails: The SQ3R strategy is a widely recognized study system that is easily adapted to reading […]

Cartierville School in Montreal

Updates A May 2017 CBC interactive webpage is entitled: “Montreal is 375 years old, but how old are its buildings?” A May 17, 2017 Montreal Gazette article is entitled: “Montreal’s history did not start 375 years ago.” [End]   A browser search for Cartierville School didn’t turn up a lot of information when I conducted […]