Ossington Community Association has posted some great tweets regarding the Development Permit System


I’ve received a comment that posting a series of tweets does not make for fun reading, for a site visitor. That’s a good point – I’ll find another way to communicate information related to Twitter accounts that I follow. I much appreciate comments about the contents and format of the site.

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The following tweets are from the Ossington Community Association Twitter feed. The text includes links to a CORRA discussion paper and a City of Toronto “ResetTO” document. These documents – and the related discussion – are well worth reading. They’re also well worth commenting upon.

  1. ossington community ‏@OssingtonCA  10m

    .@fellowplanner @jen_keesmaat @CityPlanTO This is a fantastic paper, Bob; accurate & succinct. It deserves to be heavily publicized.

  2. .@fellowplanner @jen_keesmaat @CityPlanTO Applicants retain the right to appeal specific DPS decisions. See O. Reg 608/06 s.12.

  3. .@joel_TO @CityPlanTO That’s the hype, but arguably DPS outcomes r *less* certain. See S3.3 of CORRA paper: http://bit.ly/corra-dps  #TOPoli

  4. .@fellowplanner @jen_keesmaat What this really means is that it takes the public and their representatives out of planning. #TOPoli

  5. .@TransToronto @jen_keesmaat @karensun The public rights-removing DPS is not the only or best way to accomplish this.

  6. .@karensun Don’t believe the hype. These reqs can be built into current area-based processes. DPS removes public rights to consult, appeal.

  7. .@jamesmatthews58 Don’t believe the hype. Post-Development Permit System, no public consult, appeal. Not so w/ present area planning tools.

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    @jen_keesmaat @jamesmatthews58 Say the DPS agrees 6-10 storeys. Developer wants 8 but CP says 7. Developer appeals, neighbours can’t. +risk!

  9. .@jen_keesmaat In subsuming minor variances, DPS by-laws will typically automatically “up-zone” areas to which they apply. #TOPoli

  10. .@donnelly_b CORRA (Confederation of Residents & Ratepayer Assoc) would apprec if you would read their paper on DPS: http://bit.ly/corra-dps 

  11. .@fellowplanner @jen_keesmaat It does mention this, but only indirectly. Characteristic of @CityPlanTO comm on DPS to downplay this.

  12. .@to_innersuburbs @jen_keesmaat Sadly, it’s the opposite. After DPS by-law is passed, no community consult, no 3rd party appeals, for 5yrs.

  13. .@jen_keesmaat TO has proactive area policies (Area Plans & Official Plan Amndmnts) that don’t remove rights of public consult, appeal.

  14. .@jen_keesmaat The City piece paints Development Permit System in rosy hues. For clear concerns, see CORRA’s paper: http://bit.ly/corra-dps 

  15. .@reneeswilliams CORRA would appreciate it if you would also look at our discussion paper on the DPS, avail here: http://bit.ly/corra-dps 

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    @jen_keesmaat @reneeswilliams Why omit the fact that only developers retain right of appeal? Neighbours are locked-out. Are u being fair?

  17. .@jen_keesmaat @reneeswilliams False. True that no appeals to change by-law on site basis. But dvlprs CAN appeal site-based decisions.

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    Really enjoyed lunch @Union_Resto in @OssingtonCA. @edibleTORONTO and I shared a polenta dish and lasagna. We will be back!

  19. @Reposadist Thanks for following—big fans of your excellent libations & music. Looking forward to floating jazz strains this summer…

  20. Wanta read a super-law-substantiated tract on Development Permit System? Of course you do. Here it is: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9etoTst5TwXNmhQcmxrOXU5TlI0bWFsLXpLaTZZVjdxOENF/edit … #TOPoli

  21. .@jen_keesmaat There’s an incredible myth in TO that a pro-growth public consult+rights-removing planning process is teh awesome! #TOPoli

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