RCMP charges six men accused of massive fraud that cost feds and thousands of investors millions (Financial Post, March 27, 2014)

A March 27, 2014 Financial Post article is entitled: “RCMP charges six men accused of massive fraud that cost feds and thousands of investors millions.” The article refers to a professionally presented, effectively organized fraudulent investment scheme that escaped the due diligence efforts of large numbers of people. That said, the account of the fraud also notes that “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”

You can read the report at the link in the previous paragraph. I am working with Walden Design to figure out whether having the links at this website in bold will make them easier to pick out from the rest of the text than currently appears to be the case, for some readers. We seek to ensure that the links are easy to read, without at the same time breaking up the text. It’s a subtle balancing act.

As well, in the past I’ve just added updates to previous posts about scams and frauds, which I was interested to learn – from Google Analytics, which I check from time to time – is a topic of interest to many people who visit the Preserved Stories site. However, this approach to updates is unlikely to be an effective way to communicate with site visitors. For that reason, in future when I come across interesting updates to previous posts, I will tend to post them as part of new posts, instead of adding them to previous ones.

Any comments or thoughts you may wish to share about any of these topics will be of interest to me.


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