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Howard Hight, who is on and is working with Diana Redden in development of the MCHS Sixties Reunion database, has shared the following messages from Dale Gwilliam Sorry won’t be able to attend! Have a great time! June 18, 2014 Brian Tapp I am thinking about it. It is a long way from […]

The case against asbestos: Accidental exposure, entirely preventable – July 20, 2014 Globe and Mail

A July 20, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled “The case against asbestos: Accidental exposure, entirely preventable.” The article notes that asbestos is “still regularly found in older schools and universities across Canada, wrapped around pipes, above ceilings and behind walls.” North York The story reminds me of my own experiences. When I worked […]

Virtual Unreality: Just Because the Internet Told You, How Do You Know It’s True? (2014)

A July 18, 2014 CBC Radio The Current podcast is entitled: “Virtual Unreality: Author Charles Seife navigates truth and lies on the internet.” A blurb for the book, which addresses the topic of scams and scamming, at the Toronto Public Library website reads: The bestselling author of Proofiness and Zero explains how to separate fact […]

Displacing Desire (2006) and The Ethics of Sightseeing (2011) – June 19, 2014 post (with 2020 updates)

Message from Peter Milczyn, MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore

The following message, to which I have added some headings, for ease in reading online, is from Peter Milczyn, the MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore:   Dear Neighbours, This is my first e-news to you as your Member of Provincial Parliament. While I am still settling in to this new role there is in fact a great […]

What issues matter most to you? Message from George Takach. Aug. 20, 2014 event at LAMP

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m a member of the Liberal Party of Ontario and the Liberal Party of Canada. I support the candidacy of George Takach as the Liberal Part of Canada nominee for Etobicoke-Lakeshore. In that regard, I’m pleased to share with you the following message from George Takach, which you can access here. […]

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Regiment will visit Small Arms in Lakeview on Sept. 7, 2014

The following text, to which I’ve added headings, is from the Summer 2014 newsletter of the Small Arms Society You can access the newsletter, which includes a focus on military history, here: Arms2Arts newsletter- Summer 2014   Canada’s First-into-Battle WWI Regiment is Coming to Small Arms On September 7, the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry […]

The “Silk Road,” an idea that dates from 1877, wasn’t a single “road.”

I’ve recently had the occasion to acquaint myself with the history of the Silk Road. It’s a topic that is of interest to me – among other things, because the Silk Road has a relationship to the history of mindfulness meditation, which I’ve been practising as a beginner student of mindfulness, for 10 years. The […]

Doors Open event at Small Arms building at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East – Sept. 27, 2014 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

The following text is from the Summer 2014 newsletter of the Small Arms Society You can access the newsletter here: Arms2Arts newsletter- Summer 2014   The former inspection building of Small Arms Limited will be open Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Small Arms Society is excited to once again […]

Fort York hopes music fests and fun events garner love of history – Toronto Star, July 14, 2014

I enjoy visiting Fort York and learning about its history. Earlier posts about the site include, by way of example: Citizenship Ceremony at Fort York, April 26, 2013 featured sharing of thoughts about what it means to be a Canadian What can we learn about evidence-based practice when we read about Tecumseh? December 2013 Friends […]