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Howard Hight, who is on and is working with Diana Redden in development of the MCHS Sixties Reunion database, has shared the following messages from

Dale Gwilliam
Sorry won’t be able to attend! Have a great time!
June 18, 2014

Brian Tapp
I am thinking about it. It is a long way from Kelowna and everyone says Reunions are not fun. I will wait to see if anyone I remember decides to go.
June 15, 2014

Marilyn Chadnick
Hi. Im Marilyn fialkow chadnick msw takin radio and tv in Stockton cali. On fb. Not thin anymore and hair is light. Want to go but live very very far. Class of 67′
June 15, 2014

Charles (Chuck) MacKenzie
Sorry I will not be able to attend.
My prayers are for you all to have a great time together.
June 14, 2014

In other news updates, Scott Munro has provided new, improved 1962-63 MCHS yearbook photos for the biographies for Scott Munro and Jaan Pill.

Please send us your biographies

As you may have noticed, Scott Munro’s biography is a bit longer than 200 words. Thus if you have found it difficult to reduce your life story to 200 words, please know that you can go a bit longer and still get it posted. We look forward to reading your biography.


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