The next meeting of the MCHS Sixties Reunion organizing committee will take place in September 2014

We ended our June 16, 2014 MCHS Sixties Reunion organizing committee meeting in Kitchener with a visit to Lynn Legge's impressive Ford Mustang, parked outside the Boston Pizza where we met. Jaan Pill photo

In a previous post regarding the June 16, 2014 meeting in Kitchener of the organizing committee, we have discussed a number of topics related to the format for the Oct. 17, 2015 (that is, next year) Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion.

Our next organizing committee meeting will be held in September 2014. In the meantime, we are working, among other things, on putting together images and lists based upon MCHS annuals from the Sixties.

We also continue to engage in discussions concerning the format for the Oct. 17, 2015 event, which will take place at Old Mill Toronto, which in 2014 celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Format for MCHS Sixties Reunion

Here’s an overview of recent discussions, which serve as a starting point for an agenda item for the next meeting of the reunion organizing committee:

We owe many thanks for several recent suggestions. We find such suggestions highly valuable, as they enable potential attendees to have a sense of ownership of the event, and of key elements of the planning process.

Re: SEATING at Reunion

Howard Hight has commented: “I would suggest that the event be a buffet. There needs to be tables as suggested set around the edge so folks can put down the drink and food to chat someone up.

“I would not suggest preset tables as I feel this could be exclusive. Need to be sure a few folks, like us, are doing host duty to be sure no one is isolated out.”

One of the comments that have followed is this one: “It would be nice if at the reunion people registered at a tables of the year that they graduated and then go on to mingle. I know that when I attended the 2000 reunion that I missed seeing some folks as they sat with their siblings or spouses that has attended MCHS in a different year.”

“I agree a buffet style would offer most flexibility and opportunity for interaction.

“On other hand, tables of some sort, configuration need to present to eat our food: I suggest round tables, if available, promote socializing.

“Jaan, I think, noted that square or ‘row’ seating leads to limited socializing. In the several encounters for our year (’69) we found that when sitting in a rectangular or row fashion, we may fail to find opportunity to talk to a mate at another table or end of a table. We switched to Chinese restaurants with round tables, allowing us to tailor a single table to the number of people present (4 to 20) and to interact easily with all present. Now, even at 15 + people, all are able to participate in the same conversation, and maintain visual contact with each person present – a richer, more memorable, fun and bonding experience!

“In [the above] suggestion, if prior to mingling, participants started out sitting by grad year, each year could have a table(s) tailored to its number of grads present. In mingling stage, several groups / conversations may be taking place at each table – even then I think small groups would still feel part of the larger MCHS group.”

Wedding in China

A member of the MCHS Sixties organizing committee who recently travelled to China has noted:

“At a wedding I attended in China in July [2014], the first formal lunch that we had, with many of the key people assembled together, we met at a huge round table. That worked out so well. It was so easy to speak across the table, and for people to address the group as a whole, from anywhere around the table.”


I have printed out the above-noted comments and have included them in the file that I’m keeping for our MCHS Sixties organizing committee meetings.

We feel there is tremendous value in a collaborative approach to planning, in which input and conversations from a wide range of sources is taken into account.

We are very pleased that, through previous meetings of the organizing committee, and through postings at this website, we have been able to get a much clearer picture than otherwise of the options, for the format for the Oct. 17, 2015 event, that are available to us.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions as the planning process moves forward.

1969-70 MCHS yearbook

We are, as well, still looking to line up a volunteer accountant, from among the MCHS Sixties graduates if possible, to help us with the budget and registration process. As well, if anyone has an MCHS yearbook for 1969-70, who would be willing to lend it to us so that we can scan photographs from it, please contact us.


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