This is a scam to get in your house to hard sell you on a new system

The following message is from a Long Branch resident:

Beware. There are some very “pushy sales people” in the area who are insisting on an “authorized inspection” of heating and air conditioning systems. This is a scam to get in your house to hard sell you on a new system.

Police attended at the bottom of 31st Street [in Long Branch (Toronto)] on Friday when an elderly neighbour was victimized by these terrible sales tactics. I recommend that you call the police if you feel harassed or bullied.

We need to be particularly watchful of our elderly neighbours as they are often the most vulnerable.

As a follow-up. I have just received a phone call from “Eco-energy” saying that they will be undertaking an authorized inspection of furnaces and air conditioners in the area on Monday.

They were unclear when I asked them who was “authorizing” the inspection. Must be the same bunch of cowboys.

Please share this information with your neighbours. Forewarned is forearmed!

A Long Branch resident has added:

This Government website may help people who have already been “taken”.

Consumer Alert – Hot Water Heater Rentals

Comments from other residents:

“They’ll also ask to see your energy bill (as if they have the right to ask that of you!!). Tell them to get lost.”

Still another resident had added:

“They were here the other night on 35th Street. I told them to get lost.

“Hope no one else has been taken in by them.”

[End of texts from local residents]

Additional comment

Among the most visited pages at the Preserved Stories website is an October 2012 blog post about scams and scamming:

Beware of energy scammers going door to door

Such scams frequently target the frail and vulnerable. We must do what we can to help our fellow residents from being victimized.


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