Klaas Vander Baaren shares a history of the community church built on Gouin Blvd in Montreal in the 1950s and burned down in 1983

In a message of Jan. 22, 2023, Klaas Vander Baaren has shared the following message which I am pleased to pass along to those among us who have a connection to Malcolm Campbell High School:

A few historical pieces I found that may be of interest to some of the MCHS folks.

This is a history of the community church that was built on Gouin Blvd in the 1950’s and burned down in 1983.  Our family is part of the story.  The Klaas Vander Baaren mentioned in the story is my father.  We lived on 8th Ave., 2 blocks away from where the church was built.  I was attending Cartierville School at the time.

Mr. A.G.James of the Salvation Army held Sunday School at his house and I attended and also played the Baritone Horn in his Salvation Army Band.

Once the church was opened, we held our cub scout meetings there.  Our leader rarely showed up so the other Senior Sixer and I led the troop through the weekly meetings.

Here is a clip from 100 ans plus tard ROXBORO 100 years later showing a picture of the church and what the site looks like now.


Another clip then and now. L ’Habitant Restaurant.

100 ans plus tard ROXBORO 100 years later – YouTube

The restaurant on Lalonde Blvd. where we had our wedding dinner in 1971.

It is wonderful to know of this story from years ago

This is wonderful information to know about.

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