Stuttering – A listener’s Guide

Jaan has spent over twenty years as a volunteer working on behalf of the worldwide stuttering community.

This twenty-one minute video, edited by Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport Services, is based on a presentation that Jaan made at a meeting of the North York Kiwanis Club in April 2011.

You can access the speaking notes for the talk here.



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  1. Andy Iadinardi
    Andy Iadinardi says:

    Hi Jaan;
    I’m impressed, please give me a call. You are doing good work … lets meet for lunch .. I’m buying.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Hi Andy — I much appreciate your feedback on my work! I look forward to getting together with you next week for lunch. I much enjoyed working with you and Steven Toepell on the Aquaview Condos video. The Aquaview project is what got me interested in the local history of Long Branch, starting with the story of the Samuel Smith homestead site at Parkview School at 85 Forty First Street, across the street from Aquaview.


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