Ann has added a message to discussion about the future of sand beach at Marie Curtis Park

Ann Gates posted the following comment on June 24, 2013 at an earlier blog post regarding the sand beach at Marie Curtis Park:

I also walk the beaches almost every day. The idea that we would pay money to cover up a sandy beach with cobble stones is just hard to understand. People take vacations to go to the beaches around the world and pay big $$ to live by beaches. I can’t see parents walking kids through cobblestones to go into the water or play on the rocks. Already the east side of the beach front has been reduced by about 50%, by the decision to build the board walk through the middle of the beach, as opposed to placing it north side of the trees. Then planting shrubs to obscure the view of the lake and remove any chance to sit in the shade of the trees and watch the water or kids swimming. Already this area is being infested with weeds, which will undoubtedly not be removed. Given the choice, most of us would have preferred the original sandy beach and mown grass to this alternative. My cynical viewpoint would be that this is all being driven by a desire to cut any upkeep of the park by the city.

People who agree with this need to contact Mark Grimes and Project managers and get organized to protest before this is too late!

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The original blog post and earlier comments can be found here.


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