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Harry Chan (MCHS 65) shares with us some great MCHS Sixties memories

Here (and I’m posting them at this new blog post in order to bring your attention to them) are Harry’s May 30, 2015 additional Comments:

Comment for David regarding Gary Moffet

Greetings David

Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. Our 87 year old mother’s health began a steep decline end of February, and she died on March 9th. She lived longer than anyone in her family, although her 85 year old brother is in great shape and should make his 90th. Not to be too maudlin, but here is a link to the obituary and a photo album of Boul St-Germain memories that you might find interesting. (The background in one photo shows a road barrier erected when de Salaberry was being paved for the first time.)

Margaret (Taylor) CHAN – Obituary

I remember Gary Moffet and did not know about his April Wine connections. I also remember the King Cole operetta. The Gazette published a picture of it that my mother kept and showed around at family gatherings. Still remember the song I had to sing… it’s about King Cole wanting a wife! I cannot however remember the item that you remember I made and gave to you. I do remember Nick America. His sister, Carmen was a classmate at Morison and we knew their family which lived on St. Evariste. Morison grade 5 teacher, Winnie Wakefield (married Clayton House, a Canadair employee back then) was visiting her husband in a hospital a couple of years ago in Ottawa, where she learned that Clayton’s fellow patient was a Mr. America… who is Nick and Carmen’s father. Winnie got to meet Carmen when she visited her father. I understand that Carmen is an architect.

I am hoping to get to the reunion in October. October is a busy month for us. There are quite a few library conferences in the fall in Canada, the US and one in Europe where we exhibit our software. If the date is free though, I will likely go.



Comment for Jaan and David regarding Morison soccer field

Greetings Jaan & David

We crammed a lot of physical activity on that Morison soccer field in the morning, at recess and at noon. Only a few minor scrapes that the school nurse, Mrs. Lavoie tended to. I remember that she told us and our parents that watching too much television could cause blindness. Mrs. Lavoie is long retired, elderly and lives in a bungalow down the street from our West Island home. Have not reminded her of that dire warning.

I do recall that most of the British kids were much better soccer players than we were (Peter Naylor, Paul Cheeseman, Kenneth Nesbitt). There were a few other quirky games including marbles, hockey cards and the annual visit of the Cheerio Yo Yo representative. Then there was the annual bicycle safety event (Elmer the Safety Elephant?).


Comment for Doug regarding King Cole and Midsummer’s Night’s Dream productions

Greetings Doug

I remember you well and the King Cole and Midsummer Night’s Dream production. Amazing how geographically disbursed we MCHS grads are. Although I still live in Montreal, most of our technology services clients are in the US followed by the Middle East and Europe, so in some respects, am also away from Montreal the equivalent of several months a year.



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  1. Marty Stockton
    Marty Stockton says:

    Harry…..please accept my condolences on the passing of your mother. My younger sister Kim was best friends with your brother Danny and spoke fondly of your mother. I met your Mom a few times. One of the most kind, gentle people I have ever met.

  2. David Warr
    David Warr says:

    Hello Harry!

    So sorry to hear about your mother. I did visit the photo album and certainly did enjoy looking at the pictures. There are many great memories there for you no doubt. I didn’t realize you had such a big family. Your family must be quite close as well which is a wonderful thing.

    I see on the site that Mr. Kelly and Mr. Hill passed. Mr. Hill was my inspiration to become a teacher. The MCHS is getting a lot of interest. We won’t be able to go to the reunion. Our plans right now are to go to Alberta again for Christmas this year. Plans for moving are still up in the air. There has been no interest in our house. Looks like we will have to give up on that idea.

    What you gave me, which was well over fifty years ago, was a carved knife. You had carved an exquisite wooden knife probably eight inches long or so. The handle was very fancy. I liked it so much that I asked you if you would give it to me and you did without thinking twice. I can’t remember what happened to it.

    I remember Carmen and Nick Amarica very well. Carmen was in our class of course. I took violin lessons for a little while along with Nick. I gave up the violin after a short time. I didn’t like. I was more a guitar type of guy. I taught myself guitar but didn’t keep it up. All kids should be taught a musical instrument. It makes a big difference to their life. In my school I always promoted music and instruments. The Amaricas had a large family and they were all very intelligent. In fact all the Morison kids north of Louisbourg seemed to be smarter than us down near Dudemaine. But I guess I didn’t end up too bad with three university degrees including a MEd. Ulrica lived for a short time in the town next to us here. She was married to my dentist.

    The last time I was around Morison School the ball field was still there but if you go to google street view there is a new building there. That was in 1997.

    With Google you can see all the old neighbourhood.



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