John Griffith is the great-grandnephew of Matthew Griffith. Great information from Edith George.

I am pleased to share with you these photos of John Griffith.

Edith George, who forwarded the photos to me, notes:

“John Griffith owns 5 and 1/2 acres in King Township where the Humber River flows through his property and the Historic Toronto Carrying Place Trail went through his property as well.

“I went to visit him on Friday, February 13, 2015. His wife, Ruth (a retired teacher) made up this cairn commemorating Étienne Brûlé. It is found on their property.

“John was delighted with the documents that I gave him that day on his family as was I with what he gave me regarding the Griffith family and their connection with Weston. The sign ‘The Toronto Carrying Place Trail’ is located just east of his property line located in King Township.

“He and his wife Ruth live in a house well over 100 years-old.”

Click on the photos to enlarge them


Image 2

Image 1

Image 10

Image 3

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Image 7

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