Note for Anita Blom of Sweden, regarding how often children who stutter are bullied

I promised, at the Nov. 8, 2020 virtual workshop, entitled How Can We Best Address Teasing and Bullying of Children Who Stutter?, at the Zoom-based Canadian Stuttering Association virtual conference that ended today, that I would share information with Anita Blom of Sweden.

The information I noted I would share is with regard to research which indicates that children who stutter are teased and bullied more often than non-stuttering children.

The references are available at several sources.

I will begin by sharing a link to an article by Marilyn Langevin of the University of Alberta in Canada which appears at the International Stuttering Association website.

At this link, you can find relevant research references:

Teasing and Bullying: Helping children deal with teasing and bullying: for parents, teachers and other adults

I will look for additional sources, where the research regarding this topic is available.

Leadership development planning

As well, by way of an additional note I want to add, for anyone reading this post, that the Nov. 8, 2020 workshop by Anna Huynh, entitled Cultivating Leadership: Build Your Career and Your Confidence, was of much interest and value.

A Yale University document from the workshop which I’m currently reading addresses the following topic:

Achieving High Performance: Getting Started

I look forward to viewing the recordings of the Zoom CSA virtual conference workshops (the ones that were recorded) as well as the recordings of the keynote presentations.

This was an exciting, top-quality virtual conference.

All of the workshops and keynote talks that I attended were well organized and involved a high level of participant interaction.

I look forward to viewing the recordings of workshops and talks that I missed, once they are posted to the CSA website.

As a workshop presenter I found the Zoom training prior to the conference of much value.

Everything was effectively organized at this Canadian Stuttering Association conference, much enthusiasm was generated, and it was wonderful to meet online with attendees from across Canada and around the world!

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