You can use an online YouTube editing app to create transcripts of interviews

I heard some time back that you can use YouTube to transcribe interviews.

I recently gave YouTube a try, to see how well its online editing app does the job of creating an automatic transcript from a sound file.

works really well. As a final step, you can fine-tune the transcript using suitable transcription software.

Previously, I’ve been using ExpressScribe software and an Infinity Foot Control to create transcripts. That can be a slow, tedious, and laborious process. The YouTube editing app speeds up the process immeasurably.

Once I have the YouTube transcript in place, I can readily fine-tune it using ExpressScribe (which can speed up or slow down the source recording) and the Infinity foot pedal (which enables you to move back and forth quickly and conveniently through the recording).

On the foot control, if you press on the left you speed up the recording. Press in the middle, and you play the recording at whatever speed you’ve chosen. A neat feature that I like: every time you restart the playback, you hear a short segment of what was spoken just before that point. This is a very helpful feature of the software. And when you press on the right of the device using your foot, you reverse the recording.

When copy editing the transcript, I use an external monitor attached to a laptop. For such work, the screen of a laptop is too small in my experience, to enable an efficient workflow.

I currently use both a Zoom H1n and Zoom H2n digital recorder to record interviews and meetings. The Zoom recorder brand is not connected to the Zoom video platform so far as I know. The two recorders don’t cost much and work well. I like to have two recorders running just in case a recorder runs into a problem when I’m recording.

I like to use a windscreen on a recorder for recording outside on a windy day. I prefer the kind of windscreen that looks like a furry little animal. On some high-end, ultra-sensitive recorders, a windscreen is handy even indoors as otherwise you may pick up the sound of air currents.

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