Adobe Premiere Pro offers a quick way to transcribe recordings of interviews

Some time ago I was using a YouTube subtitles app to transcribe interviews for a book project I’m working on.

I’ve since found a better way. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to create a transcript which I then export as a text file. All of the punctuation is in place, which is better than the unpunctuated text in YouTube. Plus, the process is faster by far.
I still have to do some editing (for example of names) but this works much better.

I currently use both a Zoom H1n and Zoom H2n digital recorder to record interviews and meetings. The Zoom recorder brand is not connected to the Zoom video platform. The two recorders don’t cost all that much, relatively speaking, and work well. I like to have two recorders running just in case a recorder runs into a problem when I’m recording.

I like to use a windscreen on a recorder for recording outside on a windy day. I prefer the kind of windscreen that looks like a furry little animal. On some high-end recorders, a windscreen is handy even indoors as otherwise you may pick up the sound of air currents.

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