Why you need to be concerned – 220, 230 and 240 Lake Promenade and 21 and 31 Park Blvd. – Message from Long Branch Neighbourhood Association

The following message is from the LBNA:

Why You Need to be Concerned

Below is the letter of concern that was sent to our MP (James Maloney), MPP (Christine Hogarth) and City Councillor (Amber Morley) expressing our concern about the pattern of development policy evolving in Long Branch.

Simply put, what was approved with Multiplexing and the evolving policies of EHON (Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods), that include approval of Garden Suites, do nothing to address protecting our tree canopy or affordable housing and are very detrimental to both.

These approvals represent wins for the building industry. With those wins a confidence and urgency has been ignited to get as much approved as possible while the political winds are blowing in their direction.

The latest outrageous application to DEMOVICT the residents at 220, 230 and 240 Lake Promenade and 21 and 31 Park is the latest example. The application has been submitted to the City to demolish these five, 7-storey buildings and replace them with 9 towers ranging from 14 to 30 storeys tall!

Plan to Participate! When: Thursday, June 15, 2023 Where: Outside of 230 Lake Promenade What to bring: Toonies for hotdogs For more information: LAKEPROMENADE.com See you there!!

While the LBNA does not object to improvements on this property, the scale of what is being proposed is destabilizing to the community. We fear that such a significant increase in height and density will have a detrimental impact on the character, livability, and social fabric of our neighbourhood.

Our concerns are as follows (but not limited to):

  1. The proposal will RENOVICT residents in 548 units. Including many of our most vulnerable residents. We understand this is the largest RENOVICTION in Canada. Many of these residents will not survive this relocation and if they are able to stick it out, and return, will be living on a construction site for years.
  2.  This will put 30 storey towers in the middle of a low rise neighbourhood. That height and density is not even permitted on Lake Shore which is an Avenue and an area designated for growth.
  3. The application states that the buildings have signs of normal wear and tear. But are still serviceable to its residents and thus profitable to the owners.
  4. There is no precedent where this increased scale of density is being proposed to be serviced only by existing local roads. In our case Long Branch Avenue, Thirty Third and Lake Promenade.
  5. The schools servicing residents in Long Branch are already collectively over prescribed. Other amenities, such as our library, are also undersized to service an increase of 2021 units. We have no Community Centre.
  6. The proposal will remove 141 trees and add over 1300 cars to the neighbourhood, a significant and detrimental environmental hit for the Neighbourhood.
  7. More population equals more emergency services. Police, Fire and Ambulance responding to this pocket of density.

We have been helping the residents of the Apartments to organize and express their concerns. But unless we object, collectively as a neighbourhood, homeowners and renters, this application stands a good chance of being approved.

What you should be doing

2. Share the information

Share this information to your Long Branch friends and neighbours, even if they are not an LBNA member. We need a collective voice. Knock on doors if you have to, but make sure everyone knows. Even if this application is not close to you, think of other low rise complexes in the neighbourhood that could all be converted into 30 plus storey complexes. This type of development will set a precedent of inappropriate density increases in the Neighbourhood and will touch everybody if approved.

2. Write to the Councillor and the planner expressing your concerns

Let them know your concerns now. This could move very quickly through the process.

Councillor Amber Morley: Councillor_Morley@toronto.ca

City Planner: Eno.Udoh-Orok@toronto.ca

3. Save the date – June 27 – Register for the on-line Public Consultation

The Public Consultation by the will be online using WebEx. We need hundreds of attendees to attend to express their concerns to make an impact. You have to register to participate in the process. Click on the link here and go to page 2 to find the registration link.

4. Request actual in-person public consultation

This will be a major change to our Neighbourhood. It will evict 548 units of tenants and impact all of Long Branch south of Lake Shore. We need actual in-person consultation and discussion. One online consultation puts up barriers for many residents and makes it difficult for people to ask questions and understand the application.

5. Volunteer

The LBNA and the newly formed Lake Prom Tenants Association are working on coordination to communicate our objections. We need your support to have an impact. Please ensure you sign up to be a member (below) or sign up to be on our mailing list so everyone can contribute to the collective voice.

Don’t hope this will go away. The Owners and their paid agents are drumming up interest in this application. Click here. Please do not think it will go away on its own.

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