Mississauga waterfront update: Dec. 7, 2023 Pointer article highlights potential next steps for Lakeview Village development

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People shocked and disappointed as province overrides Mississauga nearly doubling density for Lakeview Village – May 15, 2023, Insauga.ca

Source: Lakeview Ratepayers Association website

I’ve not been following land use issues in Mississauga and Toronto very closely since moving to Stratford in 2018. I’ve made it a point, however, to learn more about the decision by the Ontario government to nearly double density for Lakeview Village in Mississauga.

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All of the things that I learned, during the twenty-one years (1997 to 2018), that we lived in Long Branch west of Mississauga has stayed with me.

Source: Lakeview Ratepayers Association website

Among the most inspiring memories from those years are all of the great insights that I gained through getting to know – from Jim and Lee Tovey and many other Lakeview residents – of the origin story of the community-driven, large-scale Lakeview development project on the Mississauga waterfront.

A large number of well-organized, well-attended community consultation meetings, involving extensive input from highly involved, civic-minded Lakeview residents, were held over several years; that is how the Lakeview project originally took shape, in a series of thoughtful, carefully nurtured, incremental steps.

Councillor Jim Tovey (1949-2018) speaking at May 28, 2016 Small Arms Jane’s Walk. Jim Tovey was a key player in saving the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga from demolition and coordinating efforts to secure strong government and community support for its repurposing. The photo is from a previous post. Jaan Pill photo

The sudden override, by the Province of Ontario, of the previously arrived at Mississauga waterfront planning decisions has threatened to throw the previous community-driven planning efforts out the window.

I recently came across a Dec. 7, 2023 Pointer article which has commanded my close attention – given my strong interest in knowing what the next steps will be for the Lakeview Village development.

The article notes that Mississauga City Council has asked the province to rescind a provincial zoning order that effectively doubled the size of the Lakeview Village waterfront development.

This is an informative article – well worth your while to read it.

The two Lakeview land use images at this post are from the website of the Lakeview Ratepayers Association.

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