The CN Tower turns 40 and one man’s obsession is to tell its stories – June 24, 2016 Toronto Star

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A June 24, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “The CN Tower turns 40 and one man’s obsession is to tell its stories.”

The subtitle reads: “The CN Tower isn’t some natural outcropping: Robert Lansdale wants you to know about the brain power, sweat and stories behind its creation.”

An excerpt from the article reads:

One man has made it his life’s work to compile more of the stories of the 1,537 people who built the tower, from the bean counters to the guys pouring cement at 1,000 feet.

“The engineering history of the CN Tower has been overlooked, unlike London’s Tower Bridge, the Eiffel Tower or the World Trade Center,’  says Robert Lansdale. “As for the people who built it, their history has been swept under the rug.”

[End of excerpt]


This is a great article. The work that Robert Lansdale has done to date, in putting together the story of the building of the CN Tower, is absolutely first-rate. I am highly impressed with his work, and with the perseverance, and methodical approach, that he brings to highly valuable and inspiring project.


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