Comments from Graeme Decarie regarding Brexit

Graeme Decarie:  Jaan, Can you please send me a copy of my chapter 1? Or tell me how to find it on the MCHS site? The one on my word pad is all messed up.

I just had a post from Phillippa (McGowan). She’s Jim McGowan’s eldest child – and she’s my goddaughter – whom I have not seen since 1970 or so. She’s long married, lives in California, and will be passing through Moncton some time this summer. I taught Jim’s youngest girl at Concordia. She’s married, too, and – I think – living in Montreal.

Jaan Pill: Graeme, here’s the link to Chapter 1:

Graeme Decarie, retired Concordia U history prof, encourages us to write our autobiography stories; here’s Graeme’s Chapter 1

You can always find your chapters by clicking on “Autobiography Stories” at the menu on the lower left of the opening page of my website.

On the left is Jim McGowan.  On the right I believe is Mr. Howells.

Photo from 1962-63 MCHS yearbook, On the left is Jim McGowan. On the right I believe is Mr. Howells. Caption in yearbook: “Blood and Iron! That’s the Answer.”

That’s a delight to know that you are in touch with Jim McGowan’s eldest child, and that you taught another of Jim’s daughters at Concordia. It’s wonderful to know of such connections!

Graeme Decarie: I’m so late on this. I spent all day on a bitter blog about Brexit. All the news we’re getting on this is bullshit. There is some racism involved – but it’s a result of the problem, not the cause.

The EU was created at the behest of American corporations for purely greedy reasons.

They had long since deliberably destroyed the UN as a model for world government.

The EU was an extension of US economic power which, with NATO, [would] be a launching pad for war with Russia. Then the heat will be on China. None of these schemes has ever worked. They began with the disaster of the Iraq war, and it’s just gone down from there. Millions have died, ten of millions are refugees. More are dying from malnutrition, exposure, exhaustion.

The British voted out because the EU has benefitted the rich but destroyed the poor.

We are seeing extraordinary levels of brutality, murder and torture – all the result of greed. It’s been beaten back to the London of Charles Dickens, with lush homes for the wealthy.

But no place for the poor. There are over 8.000 people living on the streets in London, many of them young children on their own.

And it’s also so the rich can get richer.

If you want to see the master plan for this, go to google Project for the New American Century. It’s a plan for world conquest, and it has the support of all U.S. leaders. It’s also called American Exceptionalism.

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As an Estonian-Canadian whose parents fled the Soviet army in 1944, my sense is that the Americans are not the only people we have reason to be concerned about.


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