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We have a question regarding archives, files, photos, etc. regarding MCHS grad Peter Parsons

The following message is concerned with an Malcolm Campbell High School (MCHS) 2015 page entitled:

Students and Staff Who Have Passed Away

We have the following question at the MCHS Grads Facebook page:

Louise Gaudette writes:

“I am sorry to hear about all classmates who have passed. I just went to the Preserved stories list and noticed Peter Parsons’ name. I am a ’71 grad, but knew Peter well for a time. Jaan, ┬áif you have anyone in your files/archives I could contact about Peter, I would really appreciate it. Thanks/Merci.”


If you have any archives files, photos related to MCHS grad Peter Parsons, please contact me through this website or by email at


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3 Responses to We have a question regarding archives, files, photos, etc. regarding MCHS grad Peter Parsons

  1. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    William Jacobson writes:

    I lost track of Peter after graduation in 1969. However, one think I remember very well was Peter practicing bagpipes in the basement of MCHS while we were trying to rehearse chamber music. I think the quartet was me, Teddy LeCouffe, Robert McMaster (also deceased) and perhaps Carol Hambly (Barton) or perhaps her brother Doug. Until that time, I never knew Peter played the pipes, and he spent some time explaining things to me, and letting me practice on his chanter.

  2. Doug Hambley says:

    It wasn’t me as it was probably after I graduated in 1967. In addition, I didn’t know that Peter played the pipes! I lost track of him after his Mother died around 1967 and he and his older sister Pat moved. Before that, they lived on Lavigne St. (up the street from us) near de Salaberry. I did hear in the mid 1970s from John Moffatt’s younger brother that Peter had ridden across Africa on a motorcycle.

    We had quite the musical crowd! Teddy and John Moffatt ended up as noted musicians with major orchestras. I never played professionally but have played guitar publically on occasion and also play O’Carolan planxties and other celtic music on the penny whistle.

    Doug Hambley

  3. Jaan Pill Jaan Pill says:

    I went to elementary school with Patricia Parsons when I was in Grade 7 (I think it was) at Morison School. I was wondering if Pat was related to Peter and I’m pleased I now know my assumption was correct.

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