Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman of Mimico has written a most impressive letter concerning 58 Wheatfield Road and the Mimico Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment

I am pleased to have the opportunity to share a most impressive letter from Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman of Mimico to the Etobicoke York Community Council:

Subject: Re: Mimico Heritage Considerations – 58 Wheatfield Road and the Mimico Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 6:38 PM
To: Etobicoke Community Council <>

Dear Chair Grimes and Members of the Etobicoke-York Community Council –

I am writing to you today to express my strong support for the designation of the home at 58 Wheatfield Road under the Ontario Heritage Act, a matter that will be under consideration at your meeting on March 19th. I understand that Heritage Preservation Services and the Toronto Preservation Board have both determined that this property merits such a designation so that it can be protected and preserved for the future and, therefore, I am confident that you will follow their expert advice and reach a unanimous decision.

On Michael Harrison‘s excellent blog focussing on the History of the Town of Mimico, Mr. Harrison states that the Alfred Baker house at 58 Wheatfield was listed by Heritage Preservation Services in 1998 but that the further step of designation did not become a priority until last month when a demolition permit was requested. Having lived in Mimico for more than 30 years in my own 102 year old home, I was very grateful to learn that the historic home at 58 Wheatfield will almost certainly be protected due to the sage recommendations of Heritage Preservation Services and the Toronto Preservation Board, and your wise implementation of those recommendations. I am, however, confused as to why it would take more than twenty years to complete this issue.

In addition, I am extremely concerned that other historic and architecturally significant properties, as well as cultural heritage landscapes in Mimico, many of which were identified during the Mimico 20 20 process, remain vulnerable. This became crystal clear when the house at 17 Stanley Avenue was destroyed and was also readily apparent when I opposed two development applications on my street, Stanley Avenue, over the course of the past year. While I was grateful to be able to reference recommendations made in the Mimico Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment (the Cultural Heritage Assessment) (prepared for Heritage Preservation Services by URS Canada Inc. in 2012) during my TLAB hearings, the fact that Council has not taken any steps to implement those recommendations seriously undercuts their integrity and value.

On March 19th, I urge you to vote unanimously to preserve and protect the property at 58 Wheatfield Road. Following that, I respectfully request that Council take concrete steps to ensure the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Cultural Heritage Assessment and, until that can be done, at the very least ensure that members of the Planning Department are aware of this document and its contents.

I would very much appreciate a response to this communication and, in advance, thank you for your consideration.


Charlotte Sheasby-Coleman


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