Please write a letter by April 20, 2023 4:30 pm to help save a heritage tree in Long Branch (South Etobicoke)

The following message, which I am pleased to have the opportunity to share, is from  Sandy Donald of Long Branch

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Long Branch Heritage Tree To Be Destroyed By Builder

An application to build two oversized houses on two undersized lot at 36 Ash Cres. will be heard by the Committee of Adjustments on April 27th. The tree is close to the property line on number 42 Ash. If it is approved the Heritage tree at 42 Ash Cres. will lose at least half its roots and half its tree canopy. It will die. This will also set a precedent that no tree in Toronto is safe, no matter its size or even if it is a Historical Tree.

This Silver Maple is only one of four trees in Long Branch that has been recognized an Historical Tree by Forest Ontario. Over 100 years old, an old growth tree from the original urban forest that covered Long Branch when it was developed back in the 1920. Back in the early 190os Long Branch was originally promoted as “Close to Nature and close to the City”, still the most notable physical characteristic of the neighbourhood.

Almost all of Toronto’s Urban Forest policy’s are being tested with this application. The City’s Official Plan on urban forest, Every Tree Counts, Green City, Nature Matters to Health, Long Branch Character Guidelines Tree Protection and even the City’s target of a 40% tree canopy by 2050. If approved no tree in Toronto will be safe.

100 plus year old Heritage Trees

One of only 4 Heritage Trees in Long Branch

This application goes to the heart of Toronto’s urban forest policy, if approved Toronto’s tree policy is put aside and it is development over trees. Because of recent Provincial changes
to the Planning Act if the builder wins this application it cannot be appealed.

What can you do: Send a letter of objection to the Committee of Adjustments saying you want this application for 36 Ash Cres. to be refused.

Email your objections to for COA meeting April 27th, 36 Ash Cres. File B0018/22EYK, A0460/22ETK, A0219/22ETK.

Send no later than 4:30 pm April 20th. Also contact City Council member Amber Morley (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) at councillor_morley@ and let her know of your objection. Spread the word, get your neighbours and friends to also send in letters of objections. Post it on social media.

Visit for more information.

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